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Dutch Emig as drawn by J. Horace Rudy

Dutch Emig posed for a stained glass window installed at the Heinz Office Building in Pittsburgh. J. Horace Rudy’s sketch of Emigsville’s Howard A. Emig is from the Records of Rudy Brothers Company, MSP#278, Folder 15, in the Library and Archives Division, Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania; within the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Howard Emig was known as Dutch Emig throughout his college days in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; Class of 1908. This sketch was likely made during that time period. Dutch is the youngest brother of Marian (Emig) Rudy, the wife of J. Horace Rudy.

Related Manchester Township Historical Society meeting notice: Terrence Downs will be sharing the story of Marian Emig and J. Horace Rudy at the Emig Mansion in Emigsville on Monday June 18, 2018 at 7:00PM.

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J. Horace Rudy drew the following Stained Glass Window for the H. J. Heinz Office Building. Dutch, as the farmer, represents the fresh produce processed by Heinz and the woman, by his side, represents Heinz’s knowledge in preserving that produce. The library personnel had often seen this theme described in fixtures adorning Heinz properties. Coincidently Howard “Dutch” Emig was the last Emig owner of the Emig Homestead Farm at Emigsville.

As I went through the Rudy Brothers file, nothing initially caught my attention about this sketch until I turned it over. On the back was the notation: “Howard Emig Posed. Heinz Office Bldg.” I kind of remembered Howard somewhere in the Emig family tree, and did confirm he was a brother of Marian (Emig) Rudy via Census records, and thus a brother-in-law of J. Horace Rudy.

Howard Abraham Emig was born March 2, 1888, in Emigsville, PA. He was educated at the York Collegiate Institute before entering the freshman class at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 1904. An Ancestry.com scanned copy of his Class of 1908 Yearbook at the University of Pennsylvania appears to be from a Xerox copy; since most photos are not the best. The following is Dutch Emig’s yearbook photo and his activities at Penn.

Dutch Emig is noted numerous times throughout the yearbook; within all the activities he was involved with and at other places. Such as the “Who” section, where the class voted on various questions. Quoting two of the questions and results on page 289:

“Who in 1908 has done the most for the university? How? Bob Folwell’s great work in track and wrestling and as football captain secured him first. Dutch Emig, twice captain of the Varsity Crew, was second.”

“Who is the handsomest? Dutch Emig’s manly grace placed him far in the lead. Ed Greene, Paul Killiam, Joe Townsend, John deHamel and Ralph Waite finished in a bunch, and it was adjudged a dead heat for second.”

It was front-page news in The York Daily on December 6, 1906; with the headline “York Boy Is Elected Captain of U. P. Crew.” Quoting the entire article:

“Howard A. Emig, of 619 Linden Avenue, this city, was yesterday elected captain of the University of Pennsylvania Crew for 1907.”

“Last year he was stroke on the crew and participated in all of the races displaying strength and form equal to that of the other members. He is a member of the class of 1908 of the university, and received his preparatory education at the York Collegiate Institute. While at the local institution he was popular among the students, but was not considered an athlete of unusual ability.”

“When Emig entered the University of Pennsylvania, however, his powerful build was noticed by the crew coaches and Emig began to train for this sport, developing rapidly. He made the freshman crew and last year his work was considered of sufficient merit that he was given a place at stroke on the varsity.”

“Howard A. Emig is 20 years old and is the first York athlete to have the captaincy of a college crew conferred upon him.”

Dutch Emig was Captain of the Varsity Crew both his Junior and Senior year. This is a photo of the Penn Boat Club House on the Schuylkill River during 1908.

The 1922 Directory of University of Pennsylvania Alumni list the following for Dutch Emig in the years immediately following his graduation, with his service during World War I:

“HOWARD A. EMIG, b. Mar. 2, 1888; B. S. in Econ., 1908; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sphinx; Phi 08; stroke of crew, 1906-08; cane man; football (1); Municipal Bonds; mgr. Chicago Office for Prudden & Co.; enlisted Signal Corps, U.S.A., Dec. 6, 1917; promoted to 2d Lieut. June, 1918, and to 1st Lieut. Air Service Production in Sept. 1918; mem. University Club of Chicago. 108 S. LaSalle St. and 515 Belmont Ave., Chicago, Ill.”

Howard Abraham Emig married Emile Weller in Chicago on Sepetmber 15, 1917. Howard’s whole career was in brokerage, investment and banking businesses in the Chicago area. All the while Howard continued to own the 143-acre Emig Homestead Farm at Emigsville; having it operated by tenant farmers. As an example, during 1954, the crops included: wheat, corn, barley, potatoes, tobacco, and hay.

Howard inherited that farm from his mother, Fanny M. Emig, upon her death February 7, 1910; and owned it until August 1, 1962. More about the Emig Homestead Farm will be in a future post.

Howard A. Emig died at the age of 84, on October 22, 1972, in Lake Forest Hospital, Lake Forest, Illinois. He was survived by his widow, Mrs. Emile Weller Emig, and a number of nephews and nieces, including locally Mrs. Charles E. Snyder, 514 Linden Ave., York, and Mrs. Emerson Tower, Spring Grove.

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