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September 10th 2013 marks the 200th Anniversary of Battle on Lake Erie.  This print is from the collections of the York County Heritage Trust.  On the back of the print is the wording “Hauling the Power from Wilmington For the Battle of Lake Erie 1813; Conestoga Wagon passing through York

The Library of Congress has a huge Online Catalog of Prints & Photographs. That’s where I found the photos of the Kline Racing Kars used in this post. The “Jimmy” is the Kline-Kar special-racer built in York and introduced in June 1912; it was named after its designer James A.

This York County section of G. F. Cram’s 1889 map shows 6 Railroad Stations between Wrightsville and York.  Likewise O. W. Gray’s 1876 map in my post on Monday showed 6 Railroad Stations between Wrightsville and York.  This post will pinpoint the locations of the 6 Railroad Stations noted on

The York County section of J. H. Colton’s 1859 map of Pennsylvania shows the earliest railroads in the county.  This post provides a short timeline history of these railroads and provides historical background for the Railcar Gold novel installments being posted every Thursday.  Last week the main character, a nine-year-old

The illustration contains a photocopy of the introduction to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania act passed April 11th 1793, authorizing a Susquehanna River Bridge from Blue Rock, Lancaster County to Pleasant Garden, York County.  This was the earliest river bridge authorized to York County and although the bridge was never built,

The first YorksPast post occurred July 26th 2012; therefore with this 100th post, I’m averaging four and one-half posts per week.  An inventory of the general topics and locations that have been my subjects resulted in this 100-tile mosaic that breaks down these posts into seven general categories. A clickable