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An advertisement for the first aviation meet in York appeared in the August 31, 1912, issue of The York Daily. This aviation meet was under the auspices of the York Motor Club. At that date, the clubhouse of the York Motor Club was in Springettsbury Township; it was in a

In 1882, at twenty-two years old, Milton D. Martin went into the carriage making business with his father Hiram Martin in York. In terms of present addressing, the small startup Carriage Factory of H. Martin & Son initially existed at 319 North George Street for about four years before moving

Cliff Satterthwaite painted two large murals for the York Haven State Bank in 1980. This mural depicts canal operations in York Haven during the 1840-1850s era; and looks across the Susquehanna River towards Falmouth, Lancaster County. The York Haven State Bank was located on the northeast corner of Pennsylvania Avenue

Paul Vaughn submitted this illustration of the chassis for the 1914 Pullman Model 6-48 Automobile. Over 23,300 Pullman Automobiles were produced in York, Pennsylvania, between 1903 and 1917. The Model 6-48 had a wheelbase of 134-inches and was powered by a 48-horsepower Continental engine coupled with a Vulcan Electric Shifting

My post Vulcan Technology is in Pullman’s Electrically Controlled Gasoline Automobile featured an ad for the 1914 Pullman Model 6-46A appearing in the Fifth Annual Harrisburg Auto Show; that opened the evening of March 14, 1914. Paul Vaughn submitted photos of the sole surviving Pullman Automobile with the Vulcan Electric Gear