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There were 348 pupils attending Springettsbury Township schools, during the 1910-1911 school year. The classes were conducted in 11 rooms, with an average of 32 students per classroom. Seven of the schoolhouses were one-room schoolhouses; housing all 8-grades. Two buildings, in Pleasureville and the Glades, contained two-rooms; with the Primary

Near the beginning of every month, I’m sharing with my readers the top 10 posts from the previous month. This single graphic, features illustrations from all top 10 posts; however giving greater space to the higher ranked posts. Synopsis and Link to each December Top 10 Post These are your

Readers provided some neat reactions to my posts about the Longstown One-Room Schoolhouse in Springettsbury Township. Ted Fauth suggested, “A pictures is worth a thousand words. Why not show the 1938 aerial image of the schoolhouse?” Good suggestion Ted; for comparison, I’ve inserted the 3/19/1938 Historic Aerial Photo, from the

One of the many issues that resulted in the establishment of Springettsbury Township in 1891 was a long-standing desire by a group of residents near Longstown to have a schoolhouse built in their neighborhood. The Longstown residents felt the resulting new, more-rural, school district, in a new township to be

My post Exercising Buffaloes via Airplane in Springettsbury resulted in nine e-mails from present and former Yorkshire residents. The most often asked question: Was the Yorkshire Ranch very large? Mahlon Haines purchased several properties during October and November of 1924, encompassing 318-adjoining-acres; so yes I would consider that a large ranch.

Mahlon Haines utilized an airplane to exercise buffaloes kept in a pasture at his Yorkshire Ranch in Springettsbury Township. On November 14, 1925, local newspapers reported: “BUFFALOES ARRIVE IN YORK—Directly from the plains of the Government reservation at Hot Springs, S.D., three buffaloes, a bull and two cows, arrived here