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The 331-Acre Meadowbrook Estate of Harold E. Robertson that was purchased, on January 3rd 1950, by Alva R. Long is plotted on a March 19th 1938 Historic Aerial Photo from Penn Pilot.  This post describes the Meadowbrook Estate ownership sequence from 1901 in Springettsbury Township, York County, PA. Edwin B.

This post continues my focus to that section of the road east of North Sherman Street in Springettsbury Township, York County; i.e. Whiteford Road.  The Map of the City of York, Pennsylvania and Suburbs, issued by York Chamber of Commerce in 1945 is the earliest map that has been discovered

The fictional character Dan DeWyatt, in my Railcar Gold historical novel, arrived in York on July 4th 1860; per the Thursday installment posted two weeks ago, where he uses a sundial mounted on a post.  I’d read accounts that sundials were still prevalent as ornamental public timepieces in towns at

Edwin B. Myers and his wife Anna Iaegar Myers purchased a 138-acre farm (Tract #1 in aerial photos) in Springettsbury Township, York County on June 24th 1901; they named it Meadowbrook.  They made extensive modifications to the farmhouse, creating their Meadowbrook Mansion in the Georgian Revival style.  This mansion presently

In previous posts we learned by looking through a chronological sequence of maps, Violet Hill appears to start in an area near South George Street and Country Club Road.  However as time goes by, the area known as Violet Hill gradually shifts south along South George Street. I recently purchased

This is one of the slides that I’ve already prepared for a Fall 2013 OLLI  talk entitled “From York Manufacturing Company to York Ice Machinery Corporation, the First 60-Years of York Corporation.”  As soon as I saw Blake Stough’s Preserving York post this past weekend on The Patriotic Parade of