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Capt. Dick Wolfe provided memories of his families’ business; Avalong Farms Dairy Bar, which stood on the northwest corner of Whiteford Road and Mt. Zion Road in Springettsbury Township. Dick’s early work experiences provide some neat Avalong recollections and more accurately pinpoint estimated dates in last years post Avalong Farms

The evening of Thursday September 15, 1960, an airplane carrying Democratic Presidential candidate Senator John F. Kennedy touched down in northern York County. A crowd of about 3,000 greeted Kennedy as he got off the plane at Harrisburg-York State Airport; now known as Capital City Airport. Senator Kennedy was already

Near the beginning of every month, I’m sharing with my readers the top 10 posts from the previous month. This single graphic, features illustrations from all top 10 posts; however giving greater space to the higher ranked posts. These are your favorites during December 2015: 1—New History Center Generated Edison

Cliff Satterthwaite submitted this 1963 winter scene, in front of the Menu-Ette Restaurant, along the Lincoln Highway in Springettsbury Township. Cliff’s artistry, via murals, graced the interior of this restaurant. Cliff’s elaborate decoration of the windows, for the Christmas Season, will be examined in closer detail within my post on

“Lost Landmark?” is the headline of an article appearing in the April 30, 1992, issue of This Week; a weekly newspaper serving Springettsbury and Spring Garden Townships. The subheading is “Owners of Meadowbrook Restaurant get permit to tear down historic Springettsbury farmhouse.” On April 28th, Meadowbrook Limited Partnership had paid

On July 26th, 2015, I began my 4th year of YorksPast. The first three years of YorksPast, represent 653 posts; which averages 4.2 posts per week. Readership remains at record levels. Thanks to everyone for your continuing interest in the subjects I write about. At the beginning of every month,