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Over-100-year-old Elderberry Jelly Recipe Earlier this month, Richard Duffy submitted photos of a “Keystone” Berry Press. This photo shows the upper cross brace, containing the manufacturers stencil; Keystone Farm Machine Company, in business in York, PA, between 1890 and 1919. It is difficult to tie down an exact date of

On July 26th, 2015, I began my 4th year of YorksPast. The first three years of YorksPast, represent 653 posts; which averages 4.2 posts per week. Readership remains at record levels. Thanks to everyone for your continuing interest in the subjects I write about. At the beginning of every month,

This photo of the River Hill One-Room Schoolhouse in East Manchester Township was taken in 1941 by Scott W. Knaub; a Superintendent of York County Schools. This schoolhouse is located near Mt. Wolf at the intersection of Wago Road and Board Road. The school lane down to Wago Road can