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Before getting to the Top 10 YorksPast Civil War Posts, here are links to the most recent posts related to talks on the Grand Army of the Republic and David E. Small Post, No. 369, G.A.R., of York, Pennsylvania. African American Civil War Veterans organize in York York Hosts son

Next-day coverage of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address did not appear in all newspapers.  Most of the newspapers that printed Lincoln’s speech utilized The Associated Press, who immediately sent out the speech from Gettysburg by telegraph. Other newspapers utilized their own reporters to provide next-day coverage.  Several of these newspaper accounts noted

Installments of my historical novel, Railcar Gold, are posted every Thursday.  I usually do in-depth research on the historical aspects a few weeks in advance and occasionally post about my research. In tomorrow’s installment, the characters in Railcar Gold return from Hanover Junction; where they witnessed President Abraham Lincoln changing

The pathways around Mt. Rose Cemetery are one of my regular walking places; definitely good cardio with those hills!  I’ve always wondered what the inside of the huge granite mausoleum looked like, so I acted upon the York County Heritage Trust notice about yesterday’s open house. Continue reading for more

The first YorksPast post occurred July 26th 2012; therefore with this 100th post, I’m averaging four and one-half posts per week.  An inventory of the general topics and locations that have been my subjects resulted in this 100-tile mosaic that breaks down these posts into seven general categories. A clickable