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Installments of my historical novel, Railcar Gold, are posted every Thursday.  I usually do in-depth research on the historical aspects a few weeks in advance and occasionally post about my research. In tomorrow’s installment, the characters in Railcar Gold return from Hanover Junction; where they witnessed President Abraham Lincoln changing

The pathways around Mt. Rose Cemetery are one of my regular walking places; definitely good cardio with those hills!  I’ve always wondered what the inside of the huge granite mausoleum looked like, so I acted upon the York County Heritage Trust notice about yesterday’s open house. Continue reading for more

The first YorksPast post occurred July 26th 2012; therefore with this 100th post, I’m averaging four and one-half posts per week.  An inventory of the general topics and locations that have been my subjects resulted in this 100-tile mosaic that breaks down these posts into seven general categories. A clickable