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  YorksPast started with a post on July 26, 2012.  Not quite 15 months later this is my 300th post.  Thus you’ve seen a brand new YorksPast post, on the average, 20 times per month. I’d like to thank everyone for reading and providing feedback to YorksPast.  As I did

My post Friday contains background sources concerning Jacob Loucks affiliations with Four Paper Mills.  He was involved with these paper mills from the early to mid-1850s through the late 1860s, or possibly into the early 1870s; i.e. Jacob Loucks, from the age of his mid-20s into his mid-40s. The locations

I know my assertion that Jacob Loucks learned the paper making trade at a Paper Mill located near what is now known as Hunt Valley, Maryland, runs counter to information in some publications.  Additionally the information found on the Internet sometime morphs into other variations. My intent was to pinpoint