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In my post Late 1800s Factory Inspection Reports Assist in Identification of an East Prospect Photo I wrote about finding these reports in the State Library of Pennsylvania.  For this series on the Top 50 York County Factories at the end of 19th Century, I’m using data from the 10th Report

Last winter I attended a remarkable multiple-session OLLI presentation by James McClure on “WWII: The Effect on York County.”  After the talk, Ray Kinard mentioned something about Bowen & McLaughlin working on tanks during WWII at a place along Richland Avenue; Jim McClure replied that BMY came to York much

This photo shows the employees of the Edward J. Sitler Cigar Factory in East Prospect, York County, PA.  This post explains how I’ve used a combination of personal family history, late 1800s history of East Prospect, and late 1800s Factory Inspection Reports to date the photo and to research the

A few years ago substantial State budget cuts forced the State Library of Pennsylvania to cut back hours to three-days-a-week; lets hope the new State budget does not force further cuts.  I’ve had an 1896 photo from East Prospect for some time and visited the State Library in search of

On what is now Grantley Hill adjacent to Wyndham Hills, stood the mansion of George Small, a member of the prominent York firm P. A. & S. Small.  During 1878 the residence was named “Grantley” in honor of Mary Grant, the maiden name of Mrs. Small; thus the origin of

When I was first employed as a YORK Engineer in 1972, YORK’s Grantley Plant consisted of all the property bounded by Grantley Road on the east, Richland Avenue on the west, Codorus Creek on the north and Kings Mill Road on the south.  The size of this property is 91-acres.