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YorksPast started with a post on July 26, 2012.  A few days ago, on July 26, 2014, I began the third year of sharing a hodgepodge of explorations of York’s Past.  The posts totaled 472 during those first two years; averaging slightly more than four and one-half posts per week.

  Last week I wrote about Vulcan Technology in Pullman’s Electrically Controlled Gasoline Automobile.  In that post, I noted the Harrisburg Auto Show of 1914 also included five motorcycle makes: Harley-Davidson, Henderson, Indian, Thor and Yale.  Reader Rick Wall wanted to see any of the motorcycles pictured in the 1914

Motor Vehicles at the 1914 Harrisburg Auto Show This ad for the 1914 Pullman Model 6-46A appeared in the Harrisburg Auto Show edition of the Harrisburg Telegraph.  The Fifth Annual Harrisburg Auto Show opened the evening of March 14, 1914, in the Arena-Rex Building at Third and Delaware Streets.  The

Originally a three-dimensional wall sculpture was envisioned for an empty foyer space on the top floor of YORK’s new Headquarters in 1969.  Salvaging Creativity probably would have got the job, if they existed back then; after all, they use many discarded YORK compressor parts in their creations, as seen along