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Connection to Spurg’s Drive-In I volunteer helping patrons in the Library of the York County Heritage Trust. Last week I was returning items to the collections and noticed this photo on the top of a pile of recently donated photographs. My immediate reaction, ‘I know that garage.’ I looked at

Moore Cadillac & Logan Motors Moore Cadillac is captured by the artwork of Cliff Satterthwaite in this Winter Scene, when this Cadillac Dealership was located on the corner of South Queen Street and Tyler Run Road in York Township. Moore Cadillac began as White Rose Motors at 247-255 West King

In 1882, at twenty-two years old, Milton D. Martin went into the carriage making business with his father Hiram Martin in York. In terms of present addressing, the small startup Carriage Factory of H. Martin & Son initially existed at 319 North George Street for about four years before moving

This Morning Wagon with Rumble Seat is one of the many carriage models produced by the York Carriage Company in York, PA. At #8 in the count down of the Top 50 York County Factories at End of 19th Century is the York Carriage Company. The 10th Factory Inspection Report

This is a southward looking view along the west side of North George Street; while standing at the North Street intersection. The Pullman Building is identified by upper sidewalls still painted with “Pullman Automobiles” and “York Motor Car Co.” I’ll use this stretch of road to illustrate the change of

Paul Vaughn submitted this illustration of the chassis for the 1914 Pullman Model 6-48 Automobile. Over 23,300 Pullman Automobiles were produced in York, Pennsylvania, between 1903 and 1917. The Model 6-48 had a wheelbase of 134-inches and was powered by a 48-horsepower Continental engine coupled with a Vulcan Electric Shifting