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35 Participating Restaurants for March of Dimes Coffee Day in 1958; Avalong, Paddock, Bury’s/Playland Steps

Arsenal Road, The Paddock on Market, Stony Brook Slate and Brick Company


Of the 35 participating restaurants for March of Dimes Coffee Day in 1958, few continue to exist in York County.  The Paddock Restaurant at 3406 East Market Street is one of the surviving restaurants that still flourish today as The Paddock on Market.

While browsing the Newspaper Microfilms of the York County Heritage Trust, I discovered an ad in the January 31st, 1958 issue of The Gazette and Daily.  It listed 35 participating restaurants for March of Dimes Coffee Day in 1958.  Three in the list immediately attracted my attention as I scanned the list.

The address for Avalong Dairy was listed as Arsenal & Mt. Zion Road.  Some time ago, a reader commented to my post A Road Named N.O.P., Arsenal and Whiteford; Part 1 – Avalong.  That post contained a 1957 yearbook ad with Avalong’s address at Corner Arsenal and Mt. Zion Roads.  The reader suggested a simple explanation; the students working on the yearbook got the address wrong, because he was positive Arsenal Road never extended to Mt. Zion Road.  This new find, in The Gazette and Daily ad from 1958, substantiates the information in the prior post; where I discovered, during the late 1950s, a move was under foot for the Arsenal Road name to extend all the way to Mt. Zion Road.

The Paddock Restaurant was established in 1947.  Sixty-seven years at the same location on Market Street in Springettsbury Township.  That is quite a track record; they must be doing something right.

The Paddock was recently extensively renovated, however the core of the building goes back to the early 1900s.  John Hauser built this house using brick from the local Stony Brook Slate and Brick Company.  I wrote several posts on the Narrow Gauge Railway along Stonewood Road in Springettsbury Township, which connected the slate/brick quarry to the Stony Brook Slate & Brick Company.  The brick making part of the business existed from 1904 to 1915.

A booklet produced by Springettsbury Township for their Centennial, 1891-1991; Our First 100 Years of Progress in the County of York, PA., contains these notes on Page 118:

Stony Brook Slate and Brick Company went out of business, but not before some Stony Brook area buildings were built by their bricks.  Marino’s Pizzeria (original residence built by Winfield Hauser); The Paddock Restaurant (built by John Hauser); Stony Brook Mennonite Church; The Carriage House on the former Dr. Crandall’s Health School property; and numerous homes in Hellam as well.

PlaylandStepsDirectly above the Paddock entry, in the ad of 35 restaurants, is Bury’s (Dick Zeigler) at 2710 E. Market Street.  That Bury’s was located at the southeast corner of East Market Street and Northern Way; next to the Playland Complex.  Wendy’s and the Cloister Car Wash are now located on that corner.  Bury’s was where our family ate, the evening of the day our family moved from York Township to Springettsbury Township in January 1958.  On the east side of Wendy’s, the concrete steps, which existed between Bury’s and the Playland Complex, are the only remaining reminder of these two great places from my youth.

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