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YWCA’s ’25 Extraordinary Women of York County’: Buffy Andrews is on prestigious list

buffThe York Daily Record’s Buffy Andrews is one of the York YWCA’s 25 Extraordinary Women of York County. Buffy, indeed, is extraordinary.

Let’s see. We could introduce Buffy Andrews as a recipient of the YW’s Extraordinary Women award in a number of ways.

How about YDR Managing Editor’s Randy Parker’s intro on his Facebook page:

Buffy Andrews is the YDR’s social media guru, and her home base is Buffy’s World.

“My friend and co-worker Buffy Andrews is listed here among some amazing women in York County. Kudos and thanks to her and to all these women for all they do to improve our lives. We should all feel proud to have such extraordinary people in our community.”

We’ll add a more insight about this honor – and Buffy Andrews – via this YDR story about The 25:

Roberta Geidner, chief executive officer of the YWCA, said she had the idea based on successful events that she’s seen at YWCAs around the country. The YWCA York has, in the past, participated in a smaller event honoring “women who make a difference” that honored a few women, she said.

Geidner said she thought it would be great to recognize “everyday women who do extraordinary things” to empower women, eliminate racism or prevent violence.