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York Daily Record wins third consecutive statewide FOI award

rescuedChris Dunn scored a first place in Keystone Press Awards competition with this photograph of rescue during York County flooding in 2013. She was one of a host of York Daily Record Sunday News staffers who earned awards in recent competitions.

The York Daily Record/Sunday News won a host of awards in statewide competition, including the prestigious John V.R. Bull Award for freedom of information work.

This is the third straight year that the YDR staff won the award in competition against all circulation sizes. We’ve won this award 7 times since 2002.

We also won a total of 15 awards in the Keystone Press Awards competition and 11 in the annual Pennsylvania Association Press Managing Editors contest:

Keystone Press Awards
Division II
York Daily Record

Column, 2nd (Mike Argento)

Ongoing news, first (staff)

Special project, HM (Sam Dellinger, Chris Dunn, Brandie Kessler)

Series, 2nd (Rick Lee, Rebecca LeFever, Mike Argento)

Sports column, first (Jim Seip)

Feature story, first (Brandie Kessler, Jason Plotkin)

Feature story, HM (Christine Loman)

News feature, 2nd (Mike Argento)

Personality profile, 2nd (Frank Bodani)

Business, 2nd (Leigh Zaleski)

News photo, first (Chris Dunn)

Feature photo, 2nd (Jason Plotkin)

Photo story, 2nd (Chris Dunn, Paul Kuehnel, Kate Penn)

Video story. 2nd (Jason Plotkin)

Video story, HM (Sonya Paclob)

Pa. Associated Press
Managing Editors Awards

General news reporting, 1st, staff.

Online coverage of breaking news, 1st   staff.

Sports deadline reporting, 1st, Frank  Bodani, Jim  Seip, Brad Jennings, Chris Dunn.

Sports/Outdoors Column, 1st, Frank Bodani.

Spot news reporting, 2nd, staff.

News use of video, 1st,  Jason Plotkin.

Spot News Photo, 2nd, Chris Dunn.

Personality portrait, 2nd, Kate Penn.

Photo story, 1st, Jason Plotkin.

Photo story, 2nd, Kate Penn.


You can see all the individual Keystone Press Awards winners here across all circulation classes: http://panewsmedia.org/Events/contest/awardkeystonepress/keystoneprofessional.