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York Daily Record journos get shout-outs, too

York, Pa., Daily Record photographer Chris Dunn, center, received praise for her work with the camera; specifically her sports journalism. She is seen in New York with the YDR’s Frank Bodani, right, members of the team covering the recent Pinstripe Bowl.

Our work is out there for the public to critique. But never assume that this skeptical world just feeds journalists a steady diet of grief.

Far from it. Our journos receive frequent shout-outs.

Consider, for example, East Berlin’s Roslyn C. Ream’s praise for YDR’s photographers Chris Dunn and Jason Plotkin:

“Years ago, association with a gifted professional photographer qualifies me as a critic, so I’ve enjoyed your gifted staff, especially the sports photos by Chris Dunn. I loved mornings seeing those wonderful pictures. And the photo (by Jason Plotkin, below) of Liz Tyler, Red Cross award winner, on front page above the fold , was absolutely great and deserved the spot. She is a tireless volunteer. All your photos are stories themselves, and certainly add to the written word.”


Chris Dunn’s work at the Pinstripe Bowl:


See a slide show of Chris Dunn’s photos as well as that of other YDR staff photographers at the Look blog.


Jason Plotkin’s work at the American Red Cross breakfast

Elizabeth Tyler is honored by the American Red Cross. See Jason Plotkin’s slideshow of the award winners.

Then, there was this query from a reader: Can you actually get into Metso to see York Factory Whistle’s Don Ryan perform?

Day Metro Editor Kate Harmon  followed up and made certain that this salient information made it into our stories:  The public isn’t allowed inside because of limited space and company policy.

The man with the query received an email with this news and responded:

“(T)hank you for all the help, in a world that no one cares about anyone it is unexpected and a great surprise.”