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York Daily Record graphic designer helps place fellow artist Lewis Miller in the spotlight

The York, Pa., Daily Record’s Samantha Dellinger designed this cover for a recent book on the works of noted York County artist Lewis Miller.

Journalists engage their communities in many different ways – via social media or appearances around town.

Some York Daily Record/Sunday News journalists roll with the NewsVroom. Others do volunteer work in the community.

For years, YDR artist Samantha Dellinger has quietly designed covers for a variety of major York County Heritage Trust publications.

samDellinger-e1323381070379 In the past seven or so years, she’s done many – maybe most – of the covers of the Trust’s books and scholarly journals.

Her most recent project was the design of the dust jacket for the most significant Heritage Trust publications project in decades – a collection of work by York County’s most famous artist, Lewis Miller.

So artist Samantha Dellinger’s 21st-century efforts helped showcase the artwork of the 19th-century’s Lewis Miller.

What was it like to work on a project involving this internationally known artist?

“It was really exciting because he’s an artist and I’m an artist,” she said.

But Samantha, an award-winning artist in the world of news, felt no pressure. She wanted to get the colors right, and she chose a simple design to put the spotlight squarely on Miller.

No pressure, indeed.

“It was more like an honor … ,” she said.

By now, Samantha Dellinger has a bookshelf full of books that bear covers that she’s designed. But she always shares the books with her father, Keith Harrold, a true history buff. Here, we have the full Dellinger-designed dust cover.


Samantha Dellinger designed these scholarly journal covers. The top one displays some of  ‘Lewis Miller’s People.’ The bottom cover shows silhouettes by longtime York County artist Jim Rudisill.