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York County will soon see The NewsVroom in action

I visited Total Identity Solutions today with Samantha Dellinger, the artist who designed The NewsVroom and boy were we thrilled with what we saw.

The installation crew had worked late into the night Wednesday to get the roof just right. That’s no easy task. If you are like me, wallpaper is a terrifying and daunting task.

Try laying wallpaper out across a huge horizontal surface that is seven feet high in the air. But your surface is not flat. It has four broad ridges. And the surface isn’t square or rectangular. It’s tapered. And it’s not really flat. It bows up a bit in the center. And if you don’t align everything perfectly, well, … you really don’t want that to happen.

These guys nailed it.

And when we were there today, they were verrrrrrry carefully applying the vinyl graphic to the driver’s side of the van.It’s fascinating to watch them work. Inch by inch. Minute by minute. Painstaking details mean the world to them. I think I’d lose my mind, if not my eyesight, doing this.

We are due to take delivery on this Friday, and it makes its public debut at the Central York High School Football game exactly one week later. Please come out and see us, or follow us online for live coverage of the game as well as plenty of comments from our crew with The NewsVroom.