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YDR’s M.E.: ‘I know we will all feel very proud when the sun comes back out’

The storm hasn’t yet hit, but this is already an iconic photograph from Sandy. YDR photographer Paul Kuehnel captured tents set up, ready for free Buffalo Wild Wings in Springettsbury Township.

Earlier in this storm, we posted up here Business Editor Cathy Hirko’s words to our staff about Sandy coverage.

Covering these storms is hard work and to keep mentally alert under often-trying physical conditions is taxing. No whining here. People in York County today will be fighting for their property – and heaven forbid, perhaps their lives. Those are the people up against it.

But it might be insightful to see how we in a newsroom talk to each other, how we get up for a big story.

So here are YDR’s Managing Editor Randy Parker’s words to our staff:

Thank you for what you are about to do.

This will be a difficult week. The storm will affect everyone in the county and wreak some level of havoc here and elsewhere.

And this is when we shine the brightest.

Everyone in this newsroom needs to pitch in as much as they can. Department lines and job classifications get blurred in times like this. Don’t wait to be assigned. If you can help update the site, if you can enhance our social media offerings, if there is a story that you know should be told, jump on it.

The people of York County are counting on you to give them fast, reliable updates 24/7. They need you to work hard and endure some hardship to share this experience with them. They want you to tell their stories in rich, meaningful ways that capture this important moment in their lives.

Let me know if there is anything we can do to help you do your very best work. If I can get you the resource you need, I will. If not, I’ll try to find the next best thing. And let us know if you have any ideas as to how we can improve our overall coverage.

Thanks, folks. This is going to be a hard week, but I know we will all feel very proud when the sun comes back out.