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What we’re working on: March 20

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.

Let us know what’s news where you are.


SLUG: HOOT0321 — Hooters has closed. But the attorney for franchise said it has a chance of opening back up in two weeks. (Adkins)
Art: building art if you need, taken by Sean 
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MAIN ART: SLUG: SEARCH0319 — Project SEARCH, a program for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, provides job training to help prepare for employment. (kessler)  EDITED
Art: New 5 by Jason
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SLUG: REENACT0321 — 16 — Gettysburg visitors come from around the world to visit the battlefield and learn about history. Recently, a visitor from South Africa, shopped for a sword for reenacting after his visits to the battlefield. (kessler)  FILED
Art: New 3 by Brandie
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SLUG: HEALTH0321 — 16 — Results of Pa. health study show that York County is getting healthier, but we still have some issues. Of note: More than 50 percent of the restaurants we have access to are fast food restaurants. (Zaleski) FILED
Breakouts: 1, refer to No Sweat York
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MAIN ARTSLUG: SPRING0321 — — Spring has officially sprung. What are the signs that spring is here in York County? (kara)  FILED
Art: New 3 from Paul

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SLUG: SKOL0321 — developing — York City school board meeting. (mason)
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SLUG: COMM0321 —  York County officials expect to save close to $2.9 million by refinancing debt. They also approved borrowing an additional $6 million for capital improvements to county facilities — possibly the fifth floor of the Judicial Center. . (mahon)
Art: New, file, mug, submitted 
Breakouts: 3 total: 1–more about the Judicial Center; 2 — refer to a video about the casting of lots for the primary ballot; 3 — President Commissioner Steve Chronister said he reached out to Susquehanna Bank about demolition.
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SLUG: ROB0320 — One of the men charged in an attempted robbery at White Jewelers wants his charges dropped, saying there’s no evidence they wanted to rob the store. (Lee) EDITED
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SLUG: CRASH0321 — They’re going to retry two of the men accused in a crash that injured a woman when they were racing down the road. (Lee)

SLUG: WRECK0321 — Man sentenced in crash caused by him fleeing police (Lee)
SLUG: NORINA0321 — Red Lion is moving around principals, as the result of some changes recently, which could include Norina Bentzel. (mason) FILED
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SLUG: DISS0319 — A former employee of Range End Golf Course with pleaded guilty to a felony theft by deception charge on Monday. Dayl Kiel Dissinger was charged with taking more than $16,000 from the Carroll Township golf course. (lee) EDITED
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SLUG: TYREE0321 — A York man, wanted in connection with the shooting in the Five Guys parking lot in the fall, allegedly led police on a chase through the city on Tuesday. (czech) FILED

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SLUG: FICUS0321 — Forsaken ficus follow. (stonesifer) EDITED
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SLUG: GRIMES0321 — Man arrested for threatening group with a gun (LeFever) EDITED
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SLUG: TREE0321 — What is known as the “witness tree” near Gettysburg has outlived developers and more in its 265 years. Now locals are helping to keep it healthy, because its base is cracked, probably because of its long branches. (ES) EDITED
Art: Two new from ES
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MAIN ART: SLUG: BARN0321 — Small protest today at the barn. The owner of Sunrise Soap organized this one. (Ted/Lauren)
Art: New from Paul; video from Ted and Lauren posted a few videos via tout 
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—- UNSLUGGED: College spotlight notebook. (Bill Arsenault) w/file art

—- UNSLUGGED: Season preview for Hanover’s Trail-Way Speedway. (Staff, from email)

—- UNSLUGGED: Thunderdome feature on attempt at dodgeball world record. (Wire)

—- UNSLUGGED: HS Boys’ Tennis: Spring Grove at Delone Catholic, 3:30 p.m. (ES-Mike Rubin)

—- AX0321: About 12 other events on today’s schedule. (Staff)

—- UNSLUGGED: Best of the blogs. (Staff)

—- UNSLUGGED: Feature story on Temple University pitcher Matt Hockenberry, a South Western HS grad. (ES-Cory Mull)w/submitted art

—- Two more NCAA basketball tournament first-round games tonight. (Wire)

MAIN ART: MISSION0321 — Story about a man’s Haiti mission, plus listing of local mission plans (and map online)

Art: submitted

SLUG: Mormons to make history (wire)