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What we’re working on: July 28

Here’s today’s news budget. Comments, questions, suggestions all welcomed.

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LEAD STORY: MURDER0729 — latest from chambersburg on triple murder in franklin county. (PO)
Art: 2 mugs

MAIN ART/ENTERPRISE: ROADSIDE0729 — roadside memorials are technically illegal, but penndot looks the other way because, it says, it recognizes peoples’ need to grieve. in york county, one family still makes regular pilgrimages to the site of a fatal accident nine years ago. (landauer) EDITED
Art: New, multiple
Online pieces: Posted friday

GRAND0729 — 27 — supreme court changed a rule to allow prosecutors to use secret grand juries instead of preliminary hearings in cases in which there has been witness intimidation, or witness intimidation is “likely.” how might this play out locally? (lee) EDITED
Online pieces: Posted saturday

SLUG: BRACE0729 — 40 — York County officials now using SCRAM bracelet as part of bail conditions for repeat DUI offenders. it’s intended to prevent the defendants from getting another DUI and possibly killing themselves or someone else. (Boeckel) EDITED
Art: New, 3 pieces; also, mugs available
Online pieces: Posted saturday


LEAD STORY: CARD0729 — 33 — york county said last week that lots of people had saved lots of money using its prescription drug card program. what are the particulars of the county’s deal with the company that offers that card — is the county making money off it, too? (mahon) EDITED
Online pieces: Posted to go up late saturday

MAIN ART: COD0729 — codorus street reunion in city. (mcminn)
Art: New, submitted
Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook,

SIGNA0729 — 18 — green party having an event saturday to get signatures to try to get its presidential candidate on the ballot. obviously the presidential race is a two-person race, but what is the green party’s goal here? and are libertarians doing anything similar? (mahon)
Breakouts: 1 explaining who the Greens and Libertarians are getting signatures for.
Online pieces: Will have a video. Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook,

SOC0729 –30 — Soccer tournament in memory of New Oxford crash victims. (ES) EDITED
Art: New (Brett)
Breakouts: 2


BIZ CENTERPIECE – LIND0729 — Linden Lofts are taking shape in York. We get a tour and find out how they are doing with renovations/renting. (ADKINS) EDITED
Art: New, file, mug, submitted
Breakouts: how many

Best of the wire to fill out the page.




—- Centerpiece: Girls’ soccer transitioning to the fall season package. (Matt Goul) 34 inches, w/art & video

—- UNSLUGGED: Live feature story from Keystone Games weightlifting at York Barbell. (John Clayton) w/art assigned

—- PSU0729: Feature story on Rich Mauti, a PSU football alum whose son, Mike Mauti, has emerged as a forceful leader for the Nittany Lions this week, vocally trying to keep the team together. (Frank Bodani) 23 inches, *send to all of DFM*

—- Olympics, Olympics, Olympics. (Wire)


—- REVS0729: York Revolution host Lancaster, 6:30 p.m. (Steve Navaroli) w/RBOX

—- Penn State football news of the day. If Redd transfers, it bumps out to sports front & Bodani column goes inside.

—- AX0719: About 7 townball games on the slate. (Staff)

—- DIRT0719: Local dirt-track results. (Staff)