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What we’re working on Christmas Day

The news doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas Day! So here’s what the very few of us in the office today are working on. Let us know your thoughts? And feel free to drop by some leftovers from your holiday meals!

Merry Christmas!


MAIN ART: SLUG: FLU1226 — 16 — Cold/flu season is here. How do you keep from getting your relatives’ illnesses this holiday season? And do those Vitamin C prevention lozenges really work? (Joyce) EDITED, on page, reporter may make changes
Art: New, 2 from Chris. Main art is vertical
Breakouts: one

SLUG: ABORT1223 — 15 — if new abortion-clinic regulations prove too costly to comply with, planned parenthood in york says, it might stop providing abortions. (landauer) EDITED, on page

LOW: SOLD1226 — 20 — glen rock carolers and our soldier? (ES) EDITED
Art: New by ES
Best of wire

LOCALLEAD VERTICAL: GRANT1226 — 11 — State inventories items purchased with misspent funds at York City school district. (Mason) EDITED, on page

MAIN ART: SLUG: DINNER1226 — 10 —Messiah United Methodist Church’s annual Community Christmas Dinner today. Turkey with all the trimmings served free to those who may not have a family Christmas dinner. (Orso)  EDITED
Art: New, Paul shootingSLUG: SEWER1226 — 8.5 — Customers of Red Lion’s water and sewer systems are in for a big surprise in 2012. The first utility bills of the new year will show a hike in sewer rates of 35 percent and an increase in water rates of 10 percent. (Badders) EDITED, on page

SLUG: APPT1226 — 8 — An East Hopewell Township supervisor had to resign from his post in order to keep it. Why? Well, because he didn’t want to get paid. Because if he got paid, he’d earn too much to keep getting his retirement. So he had to be appointed, not elected, then had to decline payment for the post. (Badders)  EDITED

BRIEFS: MUST RUN Kwanzaa starts Monday; Private security contracted for Friendship Baptist’s service today  — EDITED, on page