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What we are working on: Sept. 7

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record/Sunday News.

HALE0908 — 15-18 — Halestorm returns home to the York Fair perform for the first time since winning a Grammy. (abdalla)
Art: New
Breakouts: how many
Graphics: Map, timeline, flowchart 
Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook, video, link to blogs, links to previous stories, post to cluster papers, Storify, Cover it Live, live tweet/blog, share with JRC, email alert
LEAD STORY: ALLERGY0908 — 25 —  a proposed bill would make it mandatory that schools stock an epi-pen for allergic kids, even if the school isn’t aware that there are any kids who would need it. why does this bill exist, and how are schools dealing with the food allergy issue and what do they think about the bill? (mason) EDITED

Art: new
Breakouts: 1
Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook, video, link to blogs, links to previous stories, post to cluster papers, Storify, Cover it Live, live tweet/blog, share with JRC, email alert

MAIN ART/ENTERPRISE: SLUG: TRANSIT0908 — 60 — An aging fleet of Rabbittransit vehicles could mean unreliable service for riders who depend on public transportation. If a transportation bill — that has stalled in the state legislature — doesn’t pass, the situation could get worse in the near future. We’re looking at how Rabbittransit ended up in this position and what it means for the future of public transportation in York County and across the state. (sawyer) EDITED
Breakouts: 5
ART: New by Kate shot Aug. 28
Online pieces: posted saturday

CORR0000 – no correction 


OFF LEAD/ACROSS TOP: MOH0908 — 18 — a look at four medals of honor at gettysburg nat’l military park, as an advance for the upcoming medal of honor convention. (kessler/reed) EDITED

Art: New from charisse
Breakouts: 1
Online pieces: Posted saturday

LEAD STORY: DRILL0908– 15 — full-scale emergency drill at HIA. (mason) EDITED
Breakouts: how many
Graphics: Map, timeline, flowchart 
Online pieces: Posted saturdayMAIN ART: OLD0908 —  Is the York Fair really America’s Oldest and/or First Fair? According to the trademark, they are. But another fair in Virginia begs to differ. (argento) EDITED

Art: new, being shot Saturday
Online pieces: posted already
w/SIDEBAR: COASTER0908 — 9.3 — Mine Bender, the 54-foot roller coaster, opens after passing inspection. (Kessler)
Art: Looks like there is something from Jason for inside
DUBBS0906 — 14 — York County firefighter returned home this week after fighting forest fires in Montana. (LeFever) EDITED
Online pieces: Posted saturday 


SKATE0908 — developing — An expansion of the Reid Menzer skate park is planned. (LeFever)

BRIEFS0000 – UNITED WAY GRAPHIC runs in briefs rail

PETS0000 — Pets of the week. W/art EDITED
TODAY –54 — TODAY’S RECORD (york/adams) EDITED

11SEPT0908 — 14 — list of sept. 11 events. EDITEDASKJOAN0908 — 21 — latest from joan’s blog. EDITED

STATE WIRE PAGE (5C) – stories, briefs, art 

LEAD LOCAL COMMENTARY: Could be local writer or longer piece by YDR editorial writer
COLUMNIST — Maureen Dowd


CERT0908 — 20 — There is a reason farmer’s can call their products organic, and it’s an expensive process. Some have opted for another route (Reighart)
Art: File 
Breakouts: Three breakouts 

Best of wire

ANGIE0908 — 15 — Angies’s List column on sewer repairs  EDITED  
STUDENTS0908 — Standalone cutline EDITED
DRIVE-EVENTS0908 — Auto events EDITED 
WHEELS0908 — Standalone cutline for Wheels of the Week.


REST0908 — Restaurant inspections (not ready)

COACH0908 — 16 — Office coach column EDITED 

MOVING UP (rose has the file) 

BUPP0908 — 15 — Bupp column EDITED

AGCAL0908 — 20 — Agriculture calendar 

Travel page (Living handles)

GKELLY0908 — 16 inches — Princess Grace exhibit coming to Philly (21C)
Art: Two photos
Breakouts: Two breakouts
Graphics: None
Online pieces: External link to Reporter story


COPY EDITORS: Chris Otto, Lyzz Jones

ES/YDR PAGES: Travis Pickens

LDN PAGES: Sherry Coons

CLERKS: Tyler, Andrew, Sheri

—- PSU0908 — 30 — Penn State vs. Eastern Michigan game story (Frank Bodani) w/Chris Dunn art, w/tease to Eileen Joyce video

—- PSUNOTES0908 — 20 — Penn State football notebook. (Frank Bodani)

—- PORT0908 — 16 — Saturday’s night’s big Tuscarora 50 at Port Royal. (ES-Daniel Paulling)

—- REVS0908 — 18 — York Revolution host Bridgeport, 6:30 p.m. (Chris Courogen)

—- MARCHIO0908 — 18 — Outdoors column. (ES-Bob Marchio) w/submitted art

—- CNOTES0908 — TBA — CNOTES and Local golf. (Copy desk)

—- SEIP0908 — xx — Column on what the Revs have learned during this rough season (Jim Seip)

—- SRAIL0908, including a brief on Littlestown football tickets. (Copy desk)

—- KD0908 — 21 — High school football: Milton Hershey at Kennard-Dale (Matt Goul)

—- DTVOL0908 — 18 — Dallastown Invitational girls’ volleyball tournament. (Steve Navaroli) w/Jason Plotkin art

—- DIRT0908 — 10 — Wrapup of Friday night’s late dirt-track racing. (Copy desk)

—- AX0908 — 70-75 — About 24 other events on the slate, including some tournaments and invitationals. (Copy desk)

—- COLAX0908 — 18-20 — About 4 other York College events on the slate. (Copy desk)

—- ORIOLES0908 — TBA — White Sox at Orioles, 1:05 p.m. (Wire by DC)

—- BASES0908 — TBA — MLB roundup, led with Pirates-Cardinals. (Wire by DC)

—- FBC0908 — TBA — College football Top 25 roundup, led with Michigan-Notre Dame. (Wire by copy desk)

—- FBCPA0908 — TBA — College football state roundup, plus Maryland. (Wire by copy desk)

—- FBCBIG0908 — TBA — College football roundup of non-Top 25 Big Ten teams. (Wire by copy desk)

—- UNSLUGGED: National briefs (Wire by DC)

—- USOPEN0908 — TBA — US Open womens’ final, with men’s semifinals tacked on. (Wire by copy desk)

—- NASCAR0908 — TBA — NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Richmond, 7:30 p.m. (Wire by copy desk)

—- RTV0908

—- START0908

—- STEEL0908 — Advancer for Sunday’s Steelers-Titans season opener (Wire by copy desk) w/TV box


RING0908 — 21.5 inches — when guys like it they put a ring on it … that’s not gold (hilton)
Art: Four photos by Jason
Breakouts: One
Graphics: None
Online pieces: JH will post for 2 p.m. Saturday
SMARTCOLUMN0908 — 24.5 inches — it’s grandparent’s day (trotter)
Art: one submitted photo
Breakouts: nne
Graphics: none
Online pieces: External link posted to YDR for 7 a.m. Sunday