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What we are working on: Oct. 3

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.



 MAIN ART: SLUG: CYCLE1004 — Steve Johnson, NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle rider, two-time NHRA U.S. Nationals Champion and motivational speaker will be at the YTI Motorcycle Center. (mason) FILED

Art: New 3 by Jason

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 SLUG: BRIDGE1004 — House Bill 1717 is a big concern for the York Area Metropolitan Planning Commission. It would require all structurally deficient bridges to be fixed before ANY other road improvements. (boyer) FILED

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SLUG: FIRE1004 — for 2nd time in 2 weeks, a woman has died in a York County fire. This one was an older woman pulled from an early morning fire at her home in Hanover. She suffered burns and smoke inhalation, then died in the hospital. The first was the Codorus Twp explosion fire, which killed a woman who lived in the home. (ES)

Art: ES new avail.

Breakout: REFER to Local fire

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 SALLY1004 — Local woman had a trip planned to Yellowstone and her tickets are nonrefundable so she’s going anyway and hoping for the best despite shutdown (Kessler) FILED

Breakouts: 1 plus what’s new on the wire about govt shutdown

 SLUG: REP1004 —  Republicans are going to hold a fundraising dinner tonight, despite the gov’t shutdown. (boeckel)

 SLUG: PREGO1004 — Pregnant woman charged with driving DUI of marijuana on the way home from her own baby shower. (lefever) FILED

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 MAIN ART: HOME1004 — Northeastern’s homecoming parade is tonight. (jana)

Art: new tonight

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 SLUG: BARN1004 — follow on two-alarm fire destroying Paradise Twp barn. We talk to family. (Czech) FILED

Art: one by Jason

 SLUG: SIPS1004 — As budget season nears, the city is meeting with tax-exempt entities to ask them to make a contribution in lieu of property tax payments. The city loses about $12 million in property tax revenue each year b/c of the high number of tax-exempt properties in the city. The goal is to get $750,000. Last year they got $460,000. (Sawyer) FILED

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MAIN ART: SLUG: HAIR1004 — Lauren’s column on Licatese & Son’s Barber Shop in Springettsbury Township. It’s celebrating 10 years in business. (Boyer) EDITED

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 SLUG: SHOP1004 — Americans are expected to spend at a more rapid pace this holiday season. (Wire) EDITED

 SLUG: JOBS1004 — The number of people applying for unemployment benefits barley rose last week. (wire) EDITED

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Breakouts: JOBBOX1004 — 3 — Local box on York County numbers EDITED