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What we are working on: Oct. 24

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.



MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-L-SHADOW-1025 — Who knows? The (Sinister) Shadows know. And one Springettsbury Township man wants to create his vision of an old-fashion amusement park — built on parts from 1930s rides — somewhere in York County in the near future. He also happens to build robots in his basement. (stonesfier) RTP

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SLUG: YDR-L-Red-Cross-Heroes-1025 — Red Cross announces hero nominees (LeFever/kessler)

Art: Seeking submitted photos

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YDR-L-TRIAL-1025 — Murder trial in York County court. Jury is deliberating. Could there be a verdict today? If so, this will move to 1A. (lee)

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SLUG: YDR-L-GROVE-1025 –Pa. lawmakers report threats over property tax legislation, Grove says. (mahon)

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Across top with art: YDR-L-FIRE-1025 –Fire destroys home in Windsor Township (czech/lefever) RTP

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MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-L-BLOOD-1025 — Tis the season to give blood. There are upcoming drives planned. (ES) RTP

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LOW: YDR-L-CRIZ-1025 — York needs to create an authority to be eligible for a state revitalization program, but it’s facing a tight deadline to do so. (sawyer) RTP

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SLUG: THEFT1025 — 9.2 — woman struck on Rt. 30 charged with shoplifting. (Czech) RTP

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— YDR-L-PSUPREVIEW-1025 — 23 — Penn State vs. Ohio State preview package (Frank Bodani)
    w/ breakout: YDR-L-PSUTAILS-1025 — 5 — Tailgate tales breakout
    w/ sidebar: YDR-L-PSU-SIDEBAR-1025 — 7 — sidebar
    w/ layout geometry for stackup jump page
    w/ stats rail: YDR-L-PSU-STATS-1025
— HES-L-GSOC-FAIRFIELD-1025 — District 3 Class A girls’ soccer: Harrisburg at Fairfield, 7 p.m. (Mike Rubin) w/Evening Sun art
— YDR-L-GSOC-YORKCATHOLIC-1025 — District 3 Class A girls’ soccer: Kutztown at York Catholic, 4 p.m. (Steve Navaroli) w/YDR art
— YDR-L-BSOC-SUSQUEHANNOCK-1025 — District 3 Class AA boys’ soccer: Gettysburg vs. Susquehannock, 5:30 p.m. at Spring Grove HS. (Tom Sixeas)
— YDR-L-GOUL-NOTES-1025 — High school notebook column (Matt Goul)
— YDR-Z-SERIES-1025 — Game 2 of the World Series. (Wire)
Sports 2 (CP: YDR-L-Sports2-1025)
Sports 3 (CP: YDR-L-Sports3-1025)
Sports 4 (CP: YDR-L-Sports4-1025)
— YDR-L-START1025 — Scoreboard (copy desk)
— YDR-L-RTV1025 — Radio and TV listings (copy desk)



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MAIN ART: SLUG: FLP-z-counselor-1025–

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