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What we are working on: Nov. 22

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.



MAIN ART:MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-L-Relief–1122 — Filipinos in York County offering help after the storms by sending relief boxes . (Sonya) FILED

Art: Main slug: NWS_SP-relief-1

Secondary slug: NWS_SP-relief-5

Jump slug: NSW_SP-relief-2

Secondary jump, if room: NWS_SP-relief-4

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SLUG: YDR-L-MURDER-1123 — Mom talks of son slain in West York this week, while residents are uneasy about recent violence. People have set up a memorial. (Argento) RTP

Art: Sec slug: KP-MEMORIAL; plus mug: terrell

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SLUG: YDR-L-SPIDER-1123 — Black widow spider found in grapes (adkins) FILED

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MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-L-Spanish-1123 — Rep. Schreiber’s staff has set up mobile office hours for the Spanish-speaking community. The first one was held Thursday. (kessler) FILED

Art: Main slug: NWS_CD-spanish-1

Secondary slug: NWS_CD-spanish-2

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SLUG: YDR-L-SPRINGETTS-1123 — Springettsbury Twp presents budget. The township is looking at an increase for the first time in 10 years. (jana) RTP

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LOW: YDR-L-ROCKET-1123 — Program that took Spring Grove students to NASA has been cut (mason) FILED

Art: File 1124_NWS_ROCKET
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Centerpiece: wines with your Thanksgiving meal