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What we are working on: Nov. 20

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.

MAIN ART: YDR-L-HVAC-1121– Too soon to dread hot, muggy summer nights? As temperatures drop and many local homeowners focus on heating their house, others prepare to stay cool. Homeowners who plan to upgrade their heating system now could save hundreds of dollars if they modernize their air conditioning method at the same time, experts say. (mcminn)

Art: Main slug: NWS_KP-hvac-1.jpg

Secondary slug: NWS_KP-hvac-3.jpg

Jump slug: NWS_KP-hvac-2.jpg

Breakouts: possible

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LBN-L-HELMET-1121 — Charges filed in the helmet-swinging case in Lebanon County. Talking to locals about it. (LDN/seip)

Breakouts: w/SB — Seip gets local reaction


LOW– SLUG: YDR-L-SUPT-1121–West York Supt. Emilie Lonardi named Supt. of the Year for PA. Q&A with her. (Mason) RTP

Art: Submitted — SUB-SUPT

Breakouts: FB: 5 inches; FB2: 2.6 inches

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YDR-L-BONES-1121 — Follow on the skeleton found (Czech) RTP, Posted

Art: file available, probably not needed

MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-L-GED-1121 — GED celebration (mason) RTP

Art: Main slug: GED-1

Online pieces: Posted already


RAIL: YDR-L-COOKIE-1121 — Cookie contest at Kennie’s tonight. (abdalla)


LOW: ydr-l-comm-1121 — 12 — A York County man told county commissioners Wednesday that he’s seeking help from municipalities to fix EPA data. (mahon)

Breakouts: teaser

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SLUG: YDR-L-Well-1121 — Inside look at how WellSpan is building its new emergency room. Think cardboard cutouts (adkins)

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— HES-L-YORK-GB-HOOPS-1121 — Men’s college basketball, Gettysburg at York (Mike Rubin)


— YDR-L-COLLEGE-SPOTLIGHT-1121 — 42 — College spotlight column, leading with UNC freshman Lauren Moyer of Central York. (Bill Arsenault) w/ submitted art, mug shots

— YDR-L-FB-CAPS-1121 — 35 — High school football preview capsules (Matt Goul) w/ leftover art

with: — YDR-L-FB-STATS-1121 — YAIAA football stats

— YDR-L-FB-CAPS-1121-refers — breakout referring to online live coverage


— YDR-L-PSU-1121 — 25 — Penn State midweek feature on center Ty Howle (Frank Bodani) possibly with submitted art

— YDR-L-SRAIL1-1121

— YDR-L-SRAIL2-1121 — refer to New Hope video on VB blog

— YDR-L-SRAIL3-1121

— YDR-L-SRAIL4-1121



— YDR-L-AX-1121 — Four local events scheduled (staff)


— YDR-L-BSCUTS-1121 — Two Letter of Intent signing photos (copy desk)


Wire possibilities:

— YDR-L-ARIANS-1121 — TBA — Bruce Arians and the Cardinals will face his old team, the Colts, this week

— YDR-Z-CRASH-1121 — TBA — Basketball player survived two plane crashes and will play at Michigan next year

— YDR-Z-AROD-1121 — TBA — ARod walks out of his grievance hearing¬†

— YDR-Z-DOLPHINS-1121 — TBA — Update on the hazing/bullying scandal


College hoops: Pitt men, PSU women play






MAIN ART: YDR-L-thanksgivikuh-1121 (16″); w/photos; w/2 breakouts (7.5″ and 3.3″) (John)