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What we are working on: March 27

Here’s a look at our news budget at this hour for tomorrow’s paper. It also reflects much of what you’ll see on our website during the day.
For the latest news on the murder case against Zachary Witman, go to ydr.com.
What questions do you have about stories we’re working on, or about the budget form itself? Do you know of something we should be covering that you don’t see on the budget? Let us know by commenting here.
Note that plans can change as the news develops during the day.


SLUG: UNSLUGGED — Strip club proposed for Brogue area (Boyer)
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MAIN ART: SLUG: WIT0328 — The Witmans and private investigators talk about plans to investigate 13-year-old Gregory Witman’s murder from 1998. Zachary Witman has been convicted in his younger brother’s murder, but he has maintained his innocence. Former New York Police Department Detective Jay Salpeter, who was involved in the exoneration of Damien Echols (one of the West Memphis 3), will be involved in the Witman investigation. Former police officer George Matheis, who Rick had interviewed for the 2010 Witman piece, also is involved. (lee/boeckel))
w/sidebar WITSIDE0328– Zach Witman wrote that he hopes he’s proven innocent, but hopes to be re-sentenced as a juvenile and hopes to get out of prison. (boeckel)
Art: New by Paul
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SLUG: SPCA0328 — East Manchester Township chairman tells county commissioners he feels like his taxpayers are being bullied by the York County SPCA. He compared the information the SPCA releases to propaganda from the Nazis. Commissioner Chronister defended SPCA. The SPCA calls the accusation absurd. (mahon)
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SLUG: AD0327 — Local LGBT organizations react to Kindle Paperwhite’s ad, which features a gay couple, and the growing use of gay themes in mainstream ad campaigns. This comes during a high-profile week for gay marriage issues. (Sawyer/LeFever)
Breakout: Local LGBT resources, recap of major ad campaigns
Art: AP file, the Kindle Paperwhite ad
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SLUG: BELT0328– Joe Beltrante is off the ballot, ending his bid to be the next mayor of York. (stonesifer) EDITED
Art: we have mug
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w/SLUG: SMITH0328– 8ish — Meanwhile, Bonner Smith is allowed to stay on the ballot in the race for county controller (mahon)
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SLUG: BUS0327 — York Area Regional says bus driver won’t be cited in crash on Monday because they don’t believe the driver knew he hit the vehicle in Red Lion. (czech) EDITED
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MAIN ART: SLUG: FISHIN0328 —  It’s trout fishing time! The 2013 season begins in 18 southeastern counties, including York and Adams at 8 a.m. Saturday, which coincides with the 14th annual fishing derby at Kiwanis Lake in the city. (ES)
w/SLUG: FISH0327 — Preview of the fishing derby at Kiwanis Lake on Saturday. (stonesifer)
Art: New by ES, plus file art of Kiwanis fishing derby available
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SLUG: RUSK0328 — David Rusk weighed in on York City schools and charters at a news conference today. (mason)
package w/SLUG: SKOL0328 — York City schools advisory meeting tonight. They are expected to show results of Polk’s survey and talk about financial information. (mason)
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SLUG: CITY0328 — York City council meets. They’re expected to talk about the future of the fire pull boxes. (stonesifer)
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SLUG: QUARRY0328 — The proposed expansion of a York-area quarry that brought questions from residents has been put on hold while company officials try to better address their concerns. (stonesifer) EDITED
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SLUG: OFFICER0328 — Northern York County Regional names Officer of the Year. (czech) EDITED
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—- UNSLUGGED: Kennard-Dale at Spring Grove baseball, 4:15 p.m. (ES-Daniel Paulling)

—- UNSLUGGED: Spring Grove at Hanover softball, 4:15 p.m. (ES-Mike Rubin)

—- UNSLUGGED: West York at Red Lion baseball, 4:15 p.m. (Matt Goul)

—- UNSLUGGED: College spotlight column. (Bill Arsenault) w/file art

—- UNSLUGGED: Spring boys’ volleyball preview, adapted from Varsity Beat blog post. (Matt Goul)

—- AX0328: About 17 other events on the schedule. (Staff) w/Clare Becker art of Hanover boys’ tennis

—- One BSCUT for a college signing

—- Best of the blogs, including some Revs stuff from last night.

—- Advancers for Thursday’s next round of March Madness (Wire)

—- All the other usual suspects (NBA, NHL, spring training, tennis)

—- Weekend dirt-track schedule

MAIN ART: EDRESS0328 — What’s happened to dressing in your Easter best? Local clergy say it seems to follow a general trend toward more casual wear (Hilton)
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Art: New

SLUG: RELCOL0328 — Religion news column (Hilton)
Church calendar through Saturday (Sunday services will run later)