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What we are working on: Feb. 7

Here’s a look at our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record. Let us know what’s happening where you are.


SLUG: DRUGS — 20 — State police discuss details of drug trafficking in York (Czech)  EDITED
w/RIFT0208 — 11 — Kearney and Kahley say the “supposed rift” between the drug task force and the city police was exaggerated and they continue to work together. (czech) EDITED
Art: Two photos from Jason
Breakouts: Two, refer to see more mugs online; plus seeking list of names
Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook, video

MAIN ART: SLUG: DOG0208 — 14 — Local dogs will be part of the Westminster Dog Show on Monday. (mcminn)  FILED
Art: New and submitted
Breakouts: Two
Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook

SLUG: CHARLES0208 — 15-20 —  noted local historian Charles H. Glatfelter has died. (Argento/lefever)
Art: File art; obit mug
Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook,

WIRE: LA shooting

 KLOCH0208 — 10-12 — Trial continues for Donald Kloch Sr. in York County court
. (lee)

Breakouts: Folo live online
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SLUG: SG0207 — Spring Grove’s preliminary budget calls for a 3.1 percent tax hike in the district. (McLane) EDITED
Breakouts: 1
Online pieces: Posted Thursday morning

SLUG: HOME0208 — Homeland Security agents were confiscating alleged counterfeit items from a store in York today. (stonesifer/lefever)
Art: New by KateH
Online pieces: Posted, Twitter, Facebook

MAIN ART: SLUG: RAIL0208 — A look at the Underground Railroad and how it relates to Black History in southcentral Pennsylvania. Will tie this in to the Historic Preservation stories. (ES) FILED
Art: New by ES
Online pieces: Posted external link, Twitter, Facebook, video, link to blogs, links to previous stories, post to cluster papers, Storify, Cover it Live, live tweet/blog, share with JRC, email alert

SLUG: CARR0208 – 6-8 — Shaheim Carr was acquitted of shooting. (argento) EDITED
Online pieces: Posted

SLUG: HATCH0208 — 10  Kevin Schreiber has decided he will keep his job with the city, something he had a choice about since the change to the Hatch Act. (stonesifer)  EDITED
Art: mug
Online pieces: Posted, Twitter, Facebook, 

SLUG: TEMP0208 — 14  — Column by Stephanie on the research that goes into how cold/hot your office might be.  (Reighart) EDITED
Art: column mug
Breakouts: Share your office temperature stories; possible reader feedback. 

MAIN ART: SLUG: Retail sales national story —  night news to pull. (Wire )
Art: New, file, mug, submitted 
Breakouts: how many
Graphics: Map, timeline, flowchart 
Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook, video, link to blogs, links to previous stories, post to cluster papers, Storify, Cover it Live, live tweet/blog, share with JRC, email alert

SLUG: EARN0208 — 8 — Roundup of Bon-Ton sales and Glatfelter earnings  (Reighart/Boyer) EDITED


—- UNSLUGGED: High School Swimming: Dallastown at Central York, 4 p.m. (Steve Navaroli) 

—- UNSLUGGED: Spring Grove and Bermudian Springs competing on Day 1 of the PIAA Team Wrestling Championships in Hershey (Tom Hunt, emailing to Jess)

—- AX0208: About 13 other items on the slate. (Staff)

—- UNSLUGGED: A package of vignettes on some of the celebrities at York Area Sports Night. (Matt Goul) w/YDR photos

—- UNSLUGGED: Highlights from the HS sports live chat (Staff)

—- UNSLUGGED: York College assistant wrestling coach Duane Bastress will take over for longtime coach Tom Kessler, who is stepping down after this season. (Steve Navaroli) w/ file art/mug shot available

—- COLLEGE0208: Leftover college spotlight (Bill Arsenault) w/ submitted art/mugs

MAIN ART: Roger Moore’s review of “Identity Thief.” It’s not so good. 

SLUG: MIK0208 — Mike Argento’s column on the killer instincts of… cats. (Argento)

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