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What we are working on: Feb. 18

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.



YDR-L-Blood-0219 — The blood supply is low because of all the bad weather and the region is asking people to donate this month to help. (lefever)

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MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-L-firewood-0219 — There’s a firewood shortage even though there are lots of downed trees. Why? Because the recently fallen trees are still too green to burn and it will take six months for them to be seasoned enough to heat homes. (mcminn) RTP

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LOW: YDR-L-LIE-0219 — Hallam woman, who was pregnant in November, lied to police about being attacked at her home, according to police. She is now charged with making false reports. (czech) RTP

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YDR-L-GRANT-0219 — York College receives entrepreneurship grant (mason) RTP

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MAIN ART: YDR-L-snow-0219 — The winter that won’t quit continued Tuesday with another dusting of snow, continuing to add to our ever-growing piles. Cleanup continues through the week in York and elsewhere.

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SLUGHES-L-DIXON-WITHDRAW-0218 — DA drops charges against New Oxford man accused of beating up a man with a bat (ES) RTP

YDR-L-NESD-0219 — NESD still has its last day up in the air as they move to make up for snow days . (Benscoter) RTP

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SLUG: YDR-L-City-0219 — York City council meets. (mason)

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SLUG: YDR-L-PIZZA-0219 — New pizza place opening in York. (boyer) RTP

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— YDR-L-WY-0219 — BOYS: Milton Hershey at West York, 7 p.m. — Matt Goul w/video

— YDR-L-DT-0219 — GIRLS: Red Lion at Dallastown, 7 p.m. — Steve Navaroli w/Zortman art, w/video and gallery refer 

— Olympic story du jour

— NASCAR presense


1- Refer to Suggs extension w/art

2- More live coverage of D3 hoops Wednesday


4- Editor’s choice

— HES-L-BES-0219 — BOYS: Lancaster Catholic at Bermudian Springs, 7 p.m. — Mike Rubin w/Dunlap art

— YDR-L-BIG-0219 — GIRLS: Biglerville at Bishop McDevitt, 6 p.m. — Adam Michael w/video?

— YDR-L-HAN-0219 — GIRLS: Pequea Valley at Hanover, 7 p.m. — George Marinos

— YDR-L-D3HOOPS-0219 — Roundup of five games: Northeastern, Suburban, Gettysburg boys and New Oxford, Dover girls (Sixeas covering Gburg)

— YDR-L-START-0219, including YAIAA diving agate, Daytona qualifying

— YDR-L-RTV-0219

— YDR-L-SUGGS-0219 — Terrell Suggs signs 4-year extension with Ravens and other NFL news? (wire)

Olympics page


Wire: Folo on Dolphins/bullying, etc.



MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-Z-girlscout-cookies-0219 — 37 inches — reap tasty desserts from the brief girl scout cookie selling season (mct)

Art: Main slug: 0230_fea_mct-girlscout-co#3.jpg

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SLUG: YDR-L-family-living-0219 — how to avoid foodborne illness (weber)