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What we are working on: Dec. 10

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.



MAIN ART YDR-L-Snow-1211 — Snow, snow, snow. (staff/brandie/boeckel)

w/ YDR-L-ANEC-1211 — anecdotes from staff

Art: New

Breakouts: forecast, including wintry mix Sat.

Online pieces: Posted xxxx


YDR-L-SOUTH-EAST-121 — Group says South Eastern student suspended for pretend bow-and-arrow (mason) FILED

Breakouts: possible

Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook,


YDR-L-SALV-1211 — Salvation Army donations are down. (Stonesifer) RTP

Breakouts: YDR-L-SALV-1211-FB — 1 — factbox on how to help RTP

Online pieces: Posted

MAIN ART: SLUG: YDR-L-Feeder-1211 — FeederWatch in Nixon Park. (Harmon) FILED

Art: Main slug: birds-1

Secondary slug: birds-2

Third slug: birds-4

Breakouts: teaser

Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook

Low: ydr-l-pris-1211 — Roundup of the York County Prison board meeting. (Mahon) FILED

Breakouts: teaser

Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook

SLUG: YDR-L-WESTYORK-1210 — West York meet and greet with new council members. (beam) RTP

Online pieces: Posted already


A4 – editorial

A5 – obits


SLUG: UNSLUGGED — Housing stats for the month of November (Adkins)

Art: Main slug:

Secondary slug:

Breakouts: how many and what type/length

Graphics: Map, timeline, flowchart

Online pieces: Posted at X:XX a.m., Twitter, Facebook, video, link to blogs, links to previous stories, post to cluster papers, Storify, Cover it Live, live tweet/blog, share with JRC, email alert


Sports 1


— YDR-L-SPOTLIGHT-1211 — 38 — College spotlight column (Bill Arsenault) w/ submitted art, mug shots 


— YDR-L-MCGLOIN-1211 — 15 — DFM story on Matt McGloin outplaying Terrelle Pryor with the Oakland Raiders. (wire by copy desk) w/ wire art available


— YDR-L-PSU-CHAT-1211 — Penn State football chat recap (Frank Bodani) 


— YDR-L-SPORTS-BRIEFS-1211 — William Penn grad Jordan Zackery earns all-regional honors (copy desk) plus national briefs to fill


— YDR-L-PSU-1211 — 22 — Roundup of Penn State notes from the blog, including Bill O’Brien being a coach of the year finalist, and DaQuan Jones playing in the Senior Bowl. (copy desk/Frank Bodani) file art available


— YDR-L-AX-1211 — There are still 6 un-postponed events scheduled but it’s unlikely they’re happening. (copy desk)


— YDR-L-SRAIL-1 through 4-1211


— YDR-L-START1211- Scoreboard (copy desk)

— YDR-L-RTV1211 — Radio and TV listings (copy desk)



SLUG: YDR-L-brew-pub-1211 — 27 inches — New brew pub in Mount Joy. (Erin)

Art: Main slug: ####_FEA_KP-brew-pub-1.jpg

Secondary slug: ####_FEA_KP-brew-pub-2.jpg


SLUG: YDR-Z-holiday-cookbooks-1211 — gift ideas for the cooks in your life (thunderdome)

Art: none

Breakouts: none

Graphics: none