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What we are working on: Aug. 21

Here’s our news budget for today’s website and tomorrow’s York Daily Record.


MAIN ART: SLUG: FIRST0823 — First day of school for about half the districts — almost a week early this year. Each year, Spring Grove freshmen are greeted by a LINK crew. (Katy-ES)
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SLUG: FIRE0822 — A member of Southern York County Forest Fire Crew heads out west to fight a fire in Idaho. (lefever) FILED
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SLUG: PRIS0822 — Commissioners approved a contract on behalf of York County Prison for a company to provide aptitude testing for job applicants. (mahon)
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SLUG: SKOL0822 — York City SB meeting tonight. They’re expected to vote on whether school resource officers can wear cameras. (lefever)
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SLUG: DEMEO0822 — Michele DeMeo continues to defy the odds, living years beyond the weeks to live doctors gave her years ago. She also continues to work and remains a national expert in the healthcare community. A private screening of the documentary about her slow death will be previewed at York Hospital next month. (mcminn) EDITED
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MAIN ART: SLUG: GRAD0822 — YTI August graduation (stern) DEADLINE: 10 p.m. or earlier
w/SLUG: YTICI0822– grad list FILED (mafnas)
Art: New by Chris, coming in late
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SLUG: BLAZE0822 — Two fires this afternoon displace people, one on North George, the other in Conewago Twp. (LeFever)
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SLUG: HOMI0822 — Update on weekend homicide and shootings in York. Police still interviewing witnesses in the fatal shooting of Jaime Sanabria. No arrests have been made. We’re heard a scholarship fund has been set up for the victim. (czech)
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SLUG: GUN0823 — An anti-gun rally was held in Gettysburg today. (ES)
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SLUG: RDA0822 — RDA takes one more step in downtown movie theater (Boyer)

SLUG: TMI0822 — TMI having a meeting next week to talk about decommissing Unit 2. Eventually (by the 2050s) the tower will be taken down. (Adkins)
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MAIN ART: SLUG: KENMAR0822 — Ron and Carolyn Markey will celebrate 75 years of their Kenmar Farm operation on Saturday. (Krebs) EDITED
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—- Centerpiece: JEFF0822 — 18 — Central League finals: Manchester at Jefferson, 5:45 p.m. Jefferson leads series, 2-1. (ES-Tom Sixeas, emailing to Jess) w/YDR art

—- UNSLUGGED: Run one of the YAIAA fall previews that we have not yet published from the Varsity Beat. Should have space to run in full. (Matt Goul) w/file art

—- LOBREE0822: The one girls’ tennis match can go in briefs. (Copy desk)

—- REVS0822 — 10 — York Revolution host Somerset, 6:30 p.m. (Copy desk)

—- WIRES: Orioles game, Little League World Series, watch for PSU wire news …

SLUG: KATALLASSO0822 — 25 — new christian health clinic. (jh)
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SLUG: ONEBOOK0822 — Libraries announce 2013 One Book pick. (Chain)
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