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What we are working on: April 28

Here’s an early look at how the budget is shaping up for tomorrow’s York Sunday News.

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LEAD STORY?: REDLION0429 — 28ish, may grow slightly — red lion folo. looking into the idea of veterans helping people with ptsd (idea gleaned from the chat); or the latest frontier in ptsd treatment. (landauer) FILED, questions
Breakouts: refer to ‘finding their way out’ series
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MAIN ART: EVAL0428 — 39 — update on new teacher evaluation program by the state. a few schools in york county are helping pilot the new principal-teacher observation part of it. the student-performance part hasn’t been piloted yet, but it’s coming. (mason) EDITED
Art: New from jason
Breakouts: 2
Online pieces: set to go live sunday morning

STUDY0429 — 41 — a personal care home was recently shut down and a couple of others sanctioned; a former employee at a personal care home has filed a whistleblower suit, saying she was fired after going to state about a nurse who allegedly was using drugs. (lefever) EDITED
Breakouts: three
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WIRE — best of, or draft (strip if draft)

CORR0000 – one correction

LEAD STORY: PRIM0429 — 19 — primary folo on the incumbents, what they face in the fall, DePasquale and his competition, more. (Boeckel) EDITED
Breakouts: two
Online pieces: Posted 9 a.m. Saturday

MAIN ART: HACC0429– copy block, 5 — Heritage Day 2012 from Thurs., a celebration of the ethnic and cultural diversity among HACC’s York Campus students, who represent more than 60 different countries. A musical duo will perform a “potpourri of indigenous music from across the globe,” and activities will include a country scavenger hunt and an origami station. Displays will include Eastern European Jewish heritage, Old Order Amish traditions, and German art and books; spiritual heritage including Jehovah’s Witnesses; and Haitian heritage. (Mason) EDITED
Art: New, 3 by Kate
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UNSLUGGED — could contend for 1a — york adams central labor council workers memorial day. (opilo)
Art: New, file, mug, submitted
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BEARD0429 — light feature on beard & mustache club meeting. (landauer)
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ENVIRO0429: 14: This week, John Rudy Park will be crawling with insects and animals native to central Pennsylvania, and the York County students who have spent the whole year studying them. The 2012 York County Envirothon competition will test seventh-and-eighth-grade students on Tuesday, and fifth-and-sixth grades on Wednesday. Kim Young, the education and communications coordinator for the York County Conservation District, has been organizing the Envirothon in the county for the past six years. REIGHART. EDITED
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BRIEFS0000 – local briefs

Art/story pkg: something from ES

PETS0000 — Pets of the week. W/art EDITED
HTODAY or TODAY — 32.5 — TODAY’S RECORD (york/adams) EDITED



PALMYRA0428 — 12.5 — Palmyra district snags a Northeastern assistant principal to head one of its high schools (LEB/Lefever) EDITED
Online: External link

ZOG0428 — 8 — State budget secretary’s wife pleads to DUI in York County. (Lee) EDITED
Online: posted

JUVO429 — 7 — Kearney wants money for juvenile offenders program. (Lee) EDITED
Online pieces: Posted already

EARP0425 — 15 — There’s been no movement on a 2013 contract for Eastern Adams Regional Police, and many believe the department faces long odds in surviving beyond the end of the year. (ES) EDITED
Breakouts: one
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HOM0427 — 11– death penalty sought in suffocation death of Anaida Rivera. We’ll tell you why. (Lee) EDITED
Art: mugs of vic
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WASTE0429 — 13 — Haz waste pickup alt form (Lefever) EDITED
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ROAD0429 — 11 — This week’s road report (Boeckel) EDITED
Online: Posted noon Saturday

LBLOG0429 — — from the local blogs.

STATE WIRE PAGE (5C) – stories, briefs, art

LEAD LOCAL COMMENTARY: Could be local writer or longer piece by YDR editorial writer
COLUMNIST — Maureen Dowd


BIZ CENTERPIECE – TAN0429 — 20-25 — Busy mom starts a tanning-on-the-go business that other busy moms are interested in. (Wilson) EDITED
Art: New, file, mug, submitted
Breakouts: Two breakouts

low on page — Best biz wire story


BIZBUZZ0429 — Best of the biz blogs

REST0429 — 20 — Restaurant inspections

MANNER0429 — Money Manners

Best biz wire story

MOVING UP — Brittany handling

Best of the wire

FARM0429 — Farm story
AGCAL— farm briefs

E6: Travel page (Living handles)
Cameraapps (wire)

CENTERPIECE PACKAGE: Prom0429 — prom roundup, with topper on fashions (chain) w/art, video by paul

–Smartcol0429 — Smart column (kara)
–Smart blog post on in-season veggies w/chart
–Meat Loaf coming to Hershey (LDN)