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What they are saying about ‘Finding Their Way Out’

The caption with this image on the ‘Finding their way out’ interactive package sums up the project: ‘On April 24, 2003, hundreds of people in a Red Lion junior high cafeteria witnessed a killing. Then they saw the shooter, a child like most of them, take his own life. When classes resumed, the students pressed their hands to that cafeteria wall, an attempt to reclaim their school. For many, the trauma never took hold. In time, others broke free. Some are still trapped on that day.’

Since the York Daily Record/Sunday News launched the interactive part of its Red Lion package less than a week ago, the project has chalked up about 20,000 page views and counting.

The main story just moved out of the most-viewed list on ydr.com.

So, what are they saying about the project out there?

Here’s a summary of the reaction:

Red Lion: Discussion on “Finding their way out,” plus social-media tribute to the district.

Some YDR editors have provided a behind-the-scenes look at the project, courtesy of Steve Buttry’s blog: An old-school digital journalism project.

And here’s what a news industry insider says about the project, Charles Apple’s Behind the York (Pa.) Daily Record’s look back at a tragic school shooting.

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My York Sunday News column (4/22/12) gives more about the project, behind the scenes:

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