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What the heck is a Shpickle?

Post by Jason Plotkin

I stop at a lot of convenience stores while driving around taking photos in York and Adams County. There have been days where all I need is a 20 ounce Mountain Dew and some beef jerky to get me through the day and I have many options to stop and fill my hunger needs.

Whether it is Sheets, Rutters, Toms, Royal Farms (or “Ro Fo”), Turkey Hill, WaWa or one of the many others I’m sure I can’t remember, I’ve run in and out of many of these for a quick fix.

Now I’m not here to say which is the best. Everyone has their favorite.

But today, I saw something on the menu at Sheetz and couldn’t resist.

Fried pickle chips.

Or fried shpickles. Sheetz is know to add “Sh” to the beginning of their food or taking foods that end in the letter “s” and changing it to “z”.

Anyway, I was pumped.

Now, to be honest, I don’t like fried pickles. Raised in a nice Jewish household, I was taught to appreciate the purity of a half-sour or kosher pickles without the fanciness of frying it. Simple.

But my visual editor, Eileen Joyce, is a connoisseur of fried pickles. She has had SIX different varieties and I had to know what she thought.

When I asked the woman behind the Sheetz counter if they sold a lot of fried pickle chips, she told me they did. But, she warned me, they must be eaten while still hot. Luckily for me the York Daily Record newsroom was close.

So I brought them into the YDR and presented them to Eileen.

After trying a few, she was not terribly impressed.
Not enough pickle. She prefers spears to chips.
She recommends maybe putting dill in the mixture.
Definitely needs ranch for dipping.

Oh Well. Maybe I’ll find another fried pickle sample at “Ro Fo”.