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What does York County want?

Tuesday afternoon, we asked York County on our Facebook page, “FILL IN THE BLANK: I wish York County had _____.”

The commenters by Wednesday morning totaled slightly more than 500. According to Facebook’s analytics, the post reached more than 29,000.

And while these responses may not be statistically significant, they do offer an interesting perspective into what York countians wish the county had. The statistics were tallied by the number of times something was named in the comments.

Highlights include more than 75 votes for a Wegmans, the most of any single item.

Here’s a breakdown of all the topics that received more than 10 votes in the comments as of 7 a.m. today:

Restaurants, either generally or with specific examples, were mentioned the most often. Here’s a breakdown of the responses that received at least 5 votes:

Grocery stores were the second most frequently mentioned topic. Here’s the breakdown of those votes:

See all the responses below: