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West York coach makes our day with a few kind words about NewsVroom

West York Football Coach Ron Miller stopped by for a quick look at NewsVroom before kickoff Friday night at Central York High School.

We were there to show people how to better use the latest tools and tech to find and share local news. Sportswriter Steve Navaroli gave the coach a quick tour and photographer Jason Plotkin was there to capture the coach’s reaction.

It was a quick comment, maybe just a throwaway to him. But it means the world to us.

We are trying to set the standard here — the standard for working with the community to find new and better ways to keep people informed, involved and empowered. That has always been the mission of newspapers.

These new tools might be hardware, such as the iPad that copy editor Matt Goul used to broadcast our pre-game interviews at the van, or software, such as the ScribbleLive program that Editor Jim McClure used to pull together social media generated from this event.

Regardless, they are affordable, accessible and easily used by people like us who have no specific technical training. And that means that they are also available to most of our community.

In the coming months, NewsVroom will work hard to help all of York County set the standard for using new media in bold, innovative ways. We look forward to helping the rest of the nation hold the same of opinion of York County that Coach Miller expressed about NewsVroom Friday night.

“You guys are setting the standard.”