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We receive letters of praise, too

Edward Bupp, at left in the front row, and his wife Grace, at right in the front row, pose with family members. The couple died within days of each other in November.

Judging by our letters to the editor, some readers believe that all we get are people writing to rag others – or us.

Well, Gene Schenck is among many who recently sent in a Hat’s Off letter, one directed to our veteran reporter Bill Landauer:

“What a great job Bill Landauer did with the Sunday News story on the Bupps. I never met the Bupps, but Bill’s story made me realize again that many of us never hear enough about some really wonderful people.
Those who met the Bupps were blessed and those of us who did not missed the boat. Thank Bill for his nice work and congrats to you for putting it on the front of the Local page.

Perfect place, nice story, thanks.”

And by the way, we’re glad to run your letters of praise for great efforts in the community. We regularly run them under “Hat’s Off” on our opinion page. Just send them to letters@ydr.com.

*Submitted photo.