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Visit The NewsVroom now at York Fair

After grabbing gallons of water at Giant for The NewsVroom, we have arrived the York Fair.

We’ve been busy. I’ve helped a Dallastown couple find their grandson’s soccer game online, showed another attendee a map that FlipsidePa created for fair and handed out one of our Football 2012 tabs.

Stop by Memorial Hall, (it’s cool, compared to the heat outside folks are telling us) and learn about the new tools we use to gather news and share news.
I’ll share more photos here during my stay here today.

I’ll be here until 4 p.m.

In the photo below, Sunday Editor Scott Blanchard and Features Editor Buffy Andrews talking at the NewsVroom.

And, as I was making this post, I had some folks stop by and ask me questions as to how I post on the blog, very cool.