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Tout secrets of success by @TedCzechYDR

Police reporter Ted Czech garnered 5,826 views on his Touts from the first week in September — No. 1 for all of Digital First Media Touts.

What are his secrets of success?

Ted Czech
Ted Czech

Toutin’ Ted offers the following advice:
— First of all, Tout has essentially replaced my use of the Flip camera. Tout is not just a tool, as the Flip is, it’s a platform, with far greater immediacy and reach. I still carry my Flip, as a back-up, because I’ve found myself in remote areas of the county where I can’t get a signal, and so I keep the Flip at the ready, just in case.

— The second thing to note is that some of what I do may not work for everybody. Nearly all of my Touts are breaking news. There’s no time for editing or second takes. It’s essentially raw video, warts and all.

Here’s an example of that from one of the Touts that garnered a large number of views, at the scene of a double-fatal crash:

— For me, one of the important things is, obviously, getting to the scene. I think here at the Daily Record, we go to things that others won’t or don’t, and then when you’re the only one there – and you’re Touting – it just sweetens the deal for the viewer.

— One aspect that may transfer over is my use of narration. Not that it’s anything groundbreaking, but sometimes, narration can be a good tool for a Tout. Maybe for whatever reason, you can’t get someone on camera, so you communicate what they have said to you as you Tout some b-roll. The key is knowing when to use it and when not to – some Touts speak for themselves, and there is no need to narrate.

— When arriving on-scene, I do a quick assessment of what’s going on, and then start shooting. I think part of my success with Touting so far is that I believe no Tout is too small, or insignificant. You never know what people might find interesting. So I Tout for both volume and significance.

— As far as blasting my Touts out to the universe, I have my Tout app set to post to my Twitter account, then they are usually re-tweeted on the much-larger ydr.com Twitter page. Also, Touts are typically married with a brief or story online, which I believe generates the largest number of views. Since I started in May, my total is above 14,000 views, with 13,000 coming by way of Tout itself (the application and ydr.com), 812 views on Twitter and 654 views on Facebook.

Here Ted Touts some quick advice:

So there you have it. Good luck with your Touting.