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Three ways that you can be a movie critic right here in York County

How many times have you read a critique of a movie only to ask yourself if that writer sat through the same film you did?

These days, there is no reason why your voice cannot be heard by the masses. Surely you would agree that your opinion matters more than that of Roger Ebert or Roger Moore, right?

So how does one become a self-published movie critic, you ask? Easy.

1) Comment on the critique: Let’s say you go to see “Life of Pi” this weekend. This is a film that Randy Myers of the Contra Costa Times called “a new standard for 3-D,” and a “luminous and magical journey.” At the bottom of that Myers review you can simply add your thoughts. When you post through Facebook, you tell your Friends what you thought, and it’s easy for them to join in the dialogue. But you also get your thoughts in front of anyone else who reads the Myers critique. And when they reply back to you in the comments field, they enrich the dialogue with your Friends.

2) Tweet it on a big stage: When you tweet your take on a movie, how do you make sure it gets in front of a lot of people who care? Use the title in the tweet, of course. Perhaps with a hashtag. But you can target a local audience by pushing this in front of our Followers. Simply add @ydrcom to your tweet and we will see it. We’ll retweet that to our 4,800 Followers. Our co-brands such as @flipsidepa (1,800 Followers) or @SmartMagPA (1,200 Followers) will also retweet it.

3) Exchange it: Facebook and Twitter too short and fleet for you? Take all the time and space you want on our community bulletin board at Exchange.ydr.com. Go to the Movie/TV discussion section and start your own topic or join any one of hundreds of others already under way. This site gets good traffic from people in York County or with similar interests. A recent post by JimmyBear has nearly 6,300 views already. And you can use Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends about your post at The Exchange.

You get the idea.

And this advice holds for much more than movies. Any performance you see in and around York County is ripe for the same plan of attack. Everything from the big Blake Shelton concert at the York Fair to your child’s middle school flute recital.

The power of the presses is in the hands of the masses.