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YDR on panel about the value of cameras in Pennsylvania’s courtrooms, other access issues


Managing Editor Randy Parker of the York Daily Record/Sunday News, right, talks with York County President Judge Stephen Linebaugh before their appearance on a panel about public access to the courts.

Community engagement by York Daily Record staff takes place in many ways.

Sometimes, it comes via social media. Other times, through a NewsVroom appearance at a football game.

And sometimes, it comes from a journalist appearing on statewide TV.

The YDR’s Randy Parker filled that statewide bill, appearing on a Pennsylvania Cable Network panel this week on public access to the courts.

PCN will air the panel’s discussion – you could call it a type of Super Bowl warm-up – at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 1.

But you can see it at any time. Check out: Accessing the Court System.

Randy summarized the panel’s discourse:

“The conversation focused on the use of new technology to provide greater public access to court proceedings. Among others things, panelists discussed reporters’ use of iPads and cell phones to report live from the courtroom on Twitter and blogs, and discussed the value of allowing cameras in the courtroom.”

The players, from left: Harrisburg attorney Craig Staudenmaier; York attorney Niles Benn, moderator; Judge Stephen Linebaugh; and the YDR’s Randy Parker.

*Photos courtesy Pennsylvania NewsMedia Asssociation