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The baby has a name, NewsVroom. Now, it just needs to be delivered.

This is the passenger-side image of The NewsVroom, the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ Mobile Media Lab. To see the other side, back, front and roof images, check out The Mobile Media Lab has become NewsVroom.

The NewsVroom, the YDR/YSN’s mobile classroom, has its own website: The NewsVroom.

Its own Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NewsVroom.

You can find it on Twitter: @TheNewsVroom.

Or email The NewsVroom: newsvroom@ydr.com.

And it has its unveiling date. Next week’s football game, at Central York High School.

And it’s the topic of its own Viewpoints centerpiece on Sunday: Here comes The NewsVroom.

Now, it just has to be delivered from the company that is putting on its wrap.

“I feel like an anxious father in the waiting room of the maternity ward,” Randy Parker, who hatched the idea and has overseen its development through gestation, wrote over at The NewsVroom blog.

But a pacing dad-to-be can’t rush delivery.

It will arrive on Monday, Randy, a bit overdue, but healthy.

¬†Update: The baby arrived at the YDR’s 1891 Loucks Road plant at about 2 p.m., Monday, Aug. 27. It measurements? Well, about the size of a van.