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Thank you, again, Mr. Scudder

This artist’s rendering shows a York County-based developer’s proposed ‘city of tomorrow,’ planned for Alabama. The York Daily Record/Sunday News examined the proposed development and related toll road as part of ourĀ  “Risky Business” project.

Sunday morning, I thought about Richard Scudder, former MediaNews Group board chairman, who died last week at the age of 99.

I wrote last week how much I appreciated the visits to our newsroom by this innovative newspaperman.

Mr. Scudder, as we addressed him, was always interested in our big projects, journalism with a capital “J”.

I thought about him when reading “Risky Business” in the York Sunday News. It would have been fun – it was always that way – to talk to him about how such a careful, complex investigative story was researched and written. He would just light up during such a discussion.

We deeply appreciated his support.

Fortunately, that same high value on investigative and enterprise journalism continues with the support of our CEO, Digital First Media’s John Paton.

Look at the prime role investigative reporting plays in the graphic “YDR’s approach in a digital-first era.” This is a foundational document in our newsroom, adapted from a model widely used in Digital First Media.

There it is, investigative reporting, right there with other journalistic staples: breaking news, hyperlocal news and audience engagement.

The neat thing is that the next time John Paton and I talk, we’ll no doubt discuss this “Risky Business” project in detail, putting particular attention on our web presentation, with its interactive map and deep database, of course.

It’s gratifying to work for a company whose top execs demand – and appreciate – such work.

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Thank you, Mr. Scudder.

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Statesman Nathaniel Scudder, after serving in Continental Congress in York, lost his life in battle