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Staff Q&As: Meet multiplatform journalist Rose Hayes

Rose HayesTo help you get to know our newsroom staff a bit better, a series of question-and-answer posts with each journalist will run on Mondays. This morning, meet multiplatform journalist Rose Hayes. She works with hyperlocal and digital content, including the Weekly Record and inyork.com. You also might have seen her blog posts on YDR Pets.

Name: Rose Hayes
Lives in: Red Lion
Hometown: Wellsville, Pa.
Position at the YDR: Multiplatform journalist, hyperlocal and digital
Years with the YDR: 17 as of October 2012
Twitter: @YDRPets
Facebook: Search for Rose Hayes

1. What made you want to become a journalist? I kind of stumbled into the job because I’m good with spelling and grammar, but I’m glad I’m here.

2. How do you see journalism changing? It’s definitely becoming more instantaneous.

3. What do you like most about your job? The variety. The least? That my desktop is an antique, and the laptop they gave me to use is so old it has a floppy drive and no SD card slot.

4. It’s 9:30 a.m. on a day off. What are you doing? Possibly sleeping (I work nights).

5. What has  been your favorite project or story recently? Why? The story, photos and videos about the couple who drives a used bus to transport animals from high-kill shelters to no-kill shelters and foster homes.  I admire their dedication and willingness to inconvenience themselves to save lives.

6. The drink that’s on your desk right now is: Water with cucumber and mint; also Coke and coffee (mixed together).

7. Your favorite journalism-related blog you read or Twitter feed you follow: Don’t follow any specific Twitter feed more than others; I do tweet, but prefer Facebook.  And I don’t have a favorite journalism-related blog.

8. What’s your favorite movie? Book? My favorite things change frequently; don’t really have one favorite movie or book.

9. What’s your favorite place in York County? State Game Lands or other wooded areas.

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