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Sports department receives our yearly $2 bill

Every fall the Daily Record sports department gets a letter with rather unique contents: A $2 bill.

A loyal out-of-state football fan requests that we send him a copy of the YAIAA football preview special section. And each year, he encloses his payment — a crisp $2 bill. Always a $2 … no $1 bills here.

And each year, I ship off a tab and return the $2 bill. (I wonder if he sends the same one each year?)

Amid the long days and tight deadlines, it’s a nice reminder that what we do matters to fans of YAIAA football, both near and far.

(LNP Sports Editor Chris Otto received his tab request, with the $2 bill, the other day, too. Our sender must be a big fan of District 3 football.)

Fun fact: The Interwebs are full of stories of people who don’t know that $2 are legal tender, including this story out of Baltimore. I’d have to wager that most millennials have never even seen one: according to a 2014 New York Times article, about 1 million $2 bills are in circulation, which accounts for just 3 percent of the total volume of issued notes. $1 bills number in the 10 billions.