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Some things we do to attract you to the YDR’s digital sites

Two died in the York Race Riots of 1969 – Lillie Belle Allen and Henry C. Schaad. This monument in York’s Farquhar Park memoralizes those victims.

Brittany Wilson, one of our journalists, visited the York Race Riot Wikipedia site this morning.

She was there to see to make sure our authoritative coverage of the riots and race riot trials was represented on there.

Before she was done, she had placed a link to our work on that Wiki site.

She’s going to similarly put YDR links on other Wikipedia pages relating to York County topics.

Brittany is improving the grounding of those entries, so she is helping readers.

And she’s driving people to our coverage. Shoot, why wouldn’t we want to increase the number of folks reading our stories and photos?

Our journalists are making such efforts, big and little, to put our content out there and to attract folks to our YDR sites.

And we’re not alone. Such work is happening across the 75-plus newsrooms that are part of our parent company, Digital First Media. According to one service, DFM stood at No. 3 in audience in the newspaper category in July – and was gaining.

Ah, the spirit of the chase.

Which brings us to another example from this morning about how the YDR’s newsroom is constantly evaluating our workflows to attract you, our readers.

Sports Editor Chris Otto, working on his blog Papergreat, discovered that an obituary story we did on a prominent WASP pilot in World War II, Mary Reineberg Burchard, was no longer on our site.

So we immediately changed our workflows to keep obituary stories permanently on ydr.com.

We’re always engaged in continuous improvement, and we welcome your ideas to make our website and other digital offerings better.

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