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Some press releases are just plain fun

We receive a lot of creative press releases, from a message in a bottle (complete with sand and seashells) to a treasure chest containing an “ancient” scroll. We’ve received releases that buzzed when opened (pest control company) to ones that sounded like popping popcorn  (announcing new brand).

One of my all-time faves came from Disney who sent me a piece of Mr. Potato Head over the course of several weeks in an effort to build hype about its newest ride, Toy Story Mania. As an aside, I totally  love this interactive, 4-D ride that takes you through a maze of midway games.

Today, I received this release from the National Pest Management Association. The cover said:

“Take aim at giving your audience the right tools to prevent pest infestations with the professional resources and expert voices and pest management made available through the National Pest Management Association.”

It looks like a CD, right?

But it’s not.

Open it up and you find little arrows tucked inside.

Take out the arrows, fold back the case and …

…you got: A GAME!

Now, you have to admit, that’s one creative press release. I always wonder when I receive these creative press releases how much the company spent developing and producing them. I really do appreciate the creative genius behind these releases that gets the message out in a fun way.