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So the event is in Brogue? Make that the Brogue area of Chanceford Township


There are 72 municipalities in York County, so when I ask a resident where he or she is from or where an event is taking place, I can get any number of answers: East York, Spry, Brogue, Shiloh, New Park, Pleasureville … the list goes on.

The only problem is those places, and dozens more that I and other York Daily Record/Sunday News staffers identified in York County, aren’t municipalities. And as a rule, the YDR uses municipalities to describe where something happened.

By definition, a municipality is usually an administrative division with corporate status and  powers of self-government. This includes boroughs and townships. Boroughs are smaller areas often governed by a mayor and borough council; townships are larger and often governed by a township board of supervisors or a board of commissioners.

York County places like Shiloh and Brogue don’t have governing bodies — they don’t have a mayor or borough/town/city council and they don’t have a board of commissioners/supervisors.

So we can say that someone lives in the Shiloh area of West Manchester Township, but we wouldn’t say he or she lives in Shiloh (without municipality).

And if there was an event at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, New Park, we’d report it as an event in Fawn Township or the New Park area of Fawn Township. If there was a lost dog in the area of 123 Sesame St. in Spry, we’d be sure to note that it is in York Township.

This is something reporters and editors here deal with regularly.

So to make things easier on everyone in the newsroom, I compiled a list of common places that aren’t municipalities. I also asked for feedback on any that I missed — those are included in the following list, too.

Southern/South Eastern

  • Brodbecks (Codorus Township)
  • Glenville (Codorus Township)
  • Hametown (Shrewsbury Township)
  • Muddy Creek Forks (East Hopewell Township)
  • New Park (Fawn Township)
  • Peach Bottom (Peach Bottom Township — there is no borough)
  • Rinely (North Hopewell Township)
  • Seitzville (Codorus Township)
  • Woodbine (Fawn Township)

Dallastown/Red Lion/Eastern

  • Airville (Lower Chanceford Township)
  • Bitterville (Lower Windsor Township)
  • Brogue (Chanceford Township)
  • Chanceford (Chanceford Township)
  • Collinsville (Chanceford Township)
  • Cool Creek (Hellam Township)
  • Craley (Lower Windsor Township)
  • Delroy (Lower Windsor Township)
  • Freysville (Windsor Township)
  • Kreutz Creek (Hellam Township)
  • Long Level (Lower Windsor Township)
  • Martinsville (Lower Windsor Township)
  • Mount Pisgah (Hellam Township)
  • New Bridgeville (Chanceford Township)
  • Otter Creek (Chanceford Township)
  • Potosi (Springfield Township)
  • Shenks Ferry (Chanceford Township)
  • Spry (York Township)
  • Sunnyburn (Lower Chanceford Township)

Central/Northeastern/York Suburban

  • Cly (Newberry Township)
  • East York (Not a place; the Olde East York neighborhood is in the City of York, but what most people call “East York” is Springettsbury Township)
  • Emigsville (Manchester Township)
  • Foustown (Manchester Township)
  • Pleasureville (Springettsbury Township)
  • Roundtown (Manchester Township)
  • Saginaw (East Manchester Township)
  • Starview (East Manchester Township)
  • Strinestown (Conewago Township)

West York/Spring Grove/Dover

  • Admire (Dover Township)
  • Bair (West Manchester Township)
  • Big Mount (Paradise Township)
  • Davidsburg (Dover Township)
  • Detters Mill (Dover Township)
  • Farmers (Paradise Township)
  • Hanover Junction (North Codorus Township)
  • Harmony Grove (Dover Township)
  • Locust Point (Dover Township)
  • Menges Mills (Heidelberg Township)
  • Moulstown (Paradise Township)
  • Mount Royal (Dover Township)
  • Nashville (Jackson Township)
  • Porters Sideling (Heidelberg Township)
  • Shiloh (West Manchester Township)
  • Stoverstown (North Codorus Township)
  • Thomasville (Jackson Township)
  • Weigelstown (Dover Township)

Northern York County

  • Kralltown (Washington Township)
  • Rossville (Warrington Township)

Did we miss any? Let me know.