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Seeking a multimedia journalist — graphic/digital artist

Do you have the mind of a journalist, the hand of an artist and a knack for creating interactive digital presentations? If so, there might be a spot for you on our newsroom team.

The York Daily Record/Sunday News is looking for a multimedia journalist who is a skilled digital artist. See the job posting here:

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Multimedia journalist – graphic/digital arts

The York Daily Record/Sunday News seeks a versatile multimedia journalist with a digital-first mindset to join the award-winning visual staff of a 24/7 news organization that features an up-to-the-minute news website, an expanding catalog of mobile and tablet apps, a robust blog platform and a 50,000-circulation daily newspaper (90,000 on Sunday).

The qualified candidate will serve our community by advancing our digital and print news-gathering and visual storytelling. Using skills in digital arts as well as in traditional artwork and illustration, you will work in multimedia and interactive presentations, app creation/development, as well as in print media. An understanding of the latest creative software and digital platforms, such as Flash, Javascript, HTML, XML and HTML5 is a plus.

Please send cover letter, resume and digital portfolio to Brad Jennings, the Assistant Managing Editor for Visuals and Multimedia, at bjennings@ydr.com.

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In the past, we have been fortunate to have hired very talented graphic artists who were great at creating and telling stories primarily for the newspaper. Think: FlipSide Weekend pages on Saturdays, or the maps that appear with news stories to show you where something happened. Those graphic artists adapted to the latest technologies and have learned Flash and other programs to help us tell more interactive stories online.

What we hope to find now is someone who is native to that digital world; someone who can bring new digital storytelling ideas to the table; someone who can build an interactive graphic as quickly as our graphic artist can create one of those maps.

Visit our website at ydr.com.